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Orbx Newcastle EGNT floating scenery issue

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Today I tried to land at EGNT RW25. Just before landing there suddenly became  trees visible, which I couldn´t see before from a little distance. It was strange, like ghost trees suddenly becoming visible. And I crashed into them. I guess, that there shouldn´t be any trees. Did somebody else experience this? I only have installed Orbx egnt, nothing else at this place.  

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3 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


I am not seeing any trees, are they on the airport or on the approach?

The latest MSFS update does seem to have added back a great many

more and larger trees.

My home village is now an enchanted forest of trees that tower over

the houses.

tell me about it. can’t take off from some airfields because the Take Off Run is blocked by Monster trees. The West Highlands around Plockton and Broadford are now basically forest. hah

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9 hours ago, secnovus said:

Anybody has a problem where part of control tower seems to be underground?


Thanks for pointing this out. I can confirm what you are seeing and have reported it.

I know some changes were made in this area to get rid of a bad bump in the taxiway. I'm guessing this might have been an unintended consequence of that fix!


All the best,



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