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Buildings duplicated in Fly Tampa Sydney Kingsford Smith YSSY for MSFS

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I have purchased Fly Tampa Sydney Kingsford Smith from Orbx and also have installed the Orbx Sydney City Scape. I have found after installing YSSY that many of the airport terminal buildings have other buildings growing out of them and the jetaways are doubled up etc. Obviously some compatability with the default airport. Could someone provide a solution please or advise if this is an issue that will be getting fixed.


By the way, I didn't notice this at first so I'm not sure if it was there and I didn't see it or something that has just happened today. Haven't had the airport add-on for long.





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Hi Darren,


This is an issue which some people had and some didn't.

Seemed to be to do with the ordering of the content.xml file.


Simplest solution is to move the folder containing the default airport (asobo-airport-yssy-sydney) out of the Official\OneStore folder to somewhere else (I just created a folder called Official Moved and put it there).


All the best,



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it now appears to me that Asobo have changed things again, so that their airports are indeed replaced.

I have read from another customer that if the airport folders are left in place but the contents are removed,

then the contents will not be replaced.


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I installed FlyTampa's YSSY a week ago, prior to Asobo's SU6 "bugfix" release. It worked perfectly and the Asobo scenery was correctly suppressed.


Now, after installing Sim Update 6, the Asobo scenery is again visible alongside FlyTampa's. Hurrah /S.  I've had to manually uninstall Asobo's version using the Content Manager, which isn't ideal. I assume this (like most other problems) is Asobo's fault, not Orbx.

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