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Please read.... Airports that are CTD on load

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Regarding this topic, I first noticed that Orbx LOWI was CTD upon loading, then discovered a number of other Airports, some Orbx and others were doing the same. Then working together with others on a Discord group I belong to, we discovered this post from MSFS Forums.....



Then we discovered that someone has written an app to help overcome the issue.




I ran this as well as removed the default lowi from my sim. With regard to Orbx Airports I have them in a remote drive using Orbx Central sym-links and notice that the file in question “ModelLIB.bgl” has not been given unique names in the Orbx folder for LOWI. This may be the issue here. I will attach a screenshot. Cheers Anton

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as mentioned above, the problem is confined to those addon airports that include their own photo scenery in a .cgl file.

All airport and other products that include a .cgl file are affected regardless of the developer or whether they are freeware

or payware.


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