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File structure for X-plane on Imac Orbx downloads


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Imac 2020, 48Gb memory, all files x-plane and Orbx loaded onto external SSD.


Can anyone tell me where I can find the file structure for the three GB Orbx files.


After purchasing and downloading there seems to be a difference in the structure and i am wondering if i am missing files, the scenery files do work excellently on my m/c.


True earth Central - showman 'Airports' folder, none of the others have one.

True earth North - has two 'overlay' folders (Ortho_B and Ortho_C).


I suppose the question is should they be all the same, am i missing files or is it that this is how they have been developed?


Thanks for viewing




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As Nick says, the number and file names are correct. TEGB North has 2 Overlay files. One is the main one and the second is to cover a small section of Northern Ireland.

Not all TEGB addons have an Airports file.

I can check your layering if you wish in your scenery_packs.ini if you attach it for me to review.

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hi, thanks for the info, no Orbx is working fine, was just wondering why some had airports, some had only one overlay folder.


If the folder structure is correct than downloads have been done correctly.


Thanks again



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