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Elevation issue in Chicago

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I wonder if anybody else is having this issue in Chicago.


Is a hill and a valley near the stadium






I have KORD, Meigs & Chicago Landmarks addons for the area payware

And I have the freeware for "shores" fixes


I have uninstalled Meigs and tested

I have uninstalled Kord and tested

I have uninstalled the freeware fixed and tested

No change in the terrain


I doubt is the landmarks


Any ideas?







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I've just tried Chicago to check it out for myself. I have the Chicago Landmarks add-on.


I think its to do with the last Asobo update where peaks appear everywhere, as a short term fix I installed a file from flightsim.to


Scenery Glitch Fixes for Update


Just put it in your community folder.


Let me know if its a fix.

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Ref my above comment, I don’t see peaks in Chicago like you are witnessing so presume the scenery glitches file I mentioned has fixed the problem short term for me until Asobo release a fix update.


The latest Chicago issue is 1.2 which I think also fixed some LOD and Mesh issues, check you have the latest issue installed.


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Hello @paulk


Thank you again


I do have that add-on installed from flightsim.to


So it is strange that I have the issue


My Chicago version is 1.1.0 as the the doc inside the folder

I cannot see current version in Orbx site, it is not mentioned anywhere so I think I am updated..?


I think I'll have to remove everything in the area and see if yet that happens. I'll give it a try later today as it is 1:33 am here and fortunately I'm feeling sleepy


I'll let you know


Thank you for your concern





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I am glad it’s all fixed for you and I was of some help.


I tend to run Orbx Central every few days to check for updates prior to starting MSFS. Something you may wish to start doing. The Orbx team are always busy doing updates to help enhance the sim for us all.


Enjoy Chicago.

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