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LOWI Innsbruck issue

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Hi all

I've been running LOWI on MSFS since it was released as I have it on all of my flight sims so it's a good comparision between them........oh and it's one of the best sceneries as well, especially on MSFS as the buildings are brill!! I have uninstalled the Asobo scenery.


Since day 1 on my setup the difference in the colour of the river between the city area and the wider area has been there.

There is also a difference in the general colours of the scenery as away from the city the colours look more washed out and less vibrant.




The colours to the left of the river are different to those on the right.


The river has also suffered from undulations so the underling mesh hasn't been the same as represented in the other sims....however it wasn't too distracting!


Since this last weekend the mesh has gone completely AWOL!

There have....as far as I'm aware....been no updates from Asobo or Orbx but the city area now has massive undulations, spikes in the mesh.

Where there is an increase in height the autogen buildings are missing and where there are depressions the buidings float?

The river is completely out of synch with the surroundings with cliffs and bridges submerged which weren't previously.

My favourite scenery has become completely unusable?


I have uninstalled/reinstalled the scenery and verified the files plus a couple of rolling cache deletes but it hasn't changed a thing......only afects the detailed city area....like the water mask.








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Mrng Nick.


Thanks for creating another topic for me as I was going to raise the mesh issue seperately.


I purchased the scenery from Orbx and it was installed with Orbx Central into the Community folder.

Nothing was changed in the sim before this mesh behavior.

Is the mesh around the Orbx airfields/scenery your own or still the underlying Asobo mesh as there is quite a bit of difference between the LOWI mesh in MSFS and the more detailed meshes found around LOWI in the other sims (AFS2, P3d, Xplane11)? All bought and installed in the same way.



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The colour difference of the Inn river has been discussed here before shortly after the release of Orbx' LOWI.

The reason for the general difference in colours between the city and the surrounding area is simple. The quality of the Bing imagery for the entire area of Tyrol is, let it put politely, not the best, the colours are greenish and washed out.

So I assume Jarrad corrected the colours of the ground imagery of the LOWI scenery which does not only include the airport, but the entire city. This is quite fair, because why should he use low quality default stuff for his first class scenery? A draw back is, that perfectly blendind his scenery with the default one seems to be impossible, so the border between them is quite obvious. Something which can be seen wirh many add on sceneries and even with default photogrammetry areas.

Another draw back of this colour blending seems to be the colour change of the river. Outside of LOWI it has a green hue like the whole Bing imagery, inside it is blue, as I assume due to the colour correction.

Unfortunately the river's colour changed to an unreal blue. The only colour which is correct in the default Bing imagery ist the colour of the river. In real world the Inn river naturally has different shades of green and turquoise, depending on the time of the year. There is even a song "Mein schönes Innsbruck am grünen Inn" meaning "My Beautiful Innsbruck Upon The Green Inn". The river can even be brown and dirty after thunderstorms, but never ever blue.

This is a photo of the river, taken just 5 minutes ago:



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Thanks Wolfgang for the answer to the river colour issue....as you say there is another post regarding this.

However the main issue in my post is the change in the mesh within the city and airport area....which is delineated by the colour of the river.

Up until last weekend that was fine on my setup apart from the river which was a bit of a roller coaster, but without changing anything the mesh has changed as shown in my screenshots.

The city and airport have become corrupted in some way.

Does anyone else have this issue?




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11 hours ago, Easyflyer said:

Does anyone else have this issue?



No, I haven't. Sometimes mesh adjustment takes a bit longer with this scenery than with others, but I think this is dependend on bandwith bottlenecks and actual workload. 

Are these mesh issues always at the same spots? And have you lately tested it again? Maybe it was just a temporary overload of your system and the issue is gone again.

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Hi again Wolfgang

Glad to know you don't have the same problem as it makes the scenery completely unusable.

I have uninstalled/reinstalled several times into the different folders available.

I have verified the files several times as well.

I have tried different scenarios, wX, aircraft, etc.

The mesh looks the same every time and in exactly the same areas.

Asobo's version of LOWI is also uninstalled so there shouldn't be a conflict there.


Frustratingly puzzling as it is my favourite scenery in all of the sims I use, AF2, P3d, Xplane11 and MSFS.



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in fact, I don't think anyone has the elevation problems that you suddenly have with this product.

I wonder if something has been added or taken away from your MSFS installation?

I am sure that we would have had more reports if it was a widespread problem.

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Hello Nick

Indeed you have been proven to be right as I have discovered the culprit!


I had forgotten that a month ago I purchased:

Taburet - EU DEM Pack 2 - Alps - Central Mediterranean and East EU Terrain for MSFS from flightsim.com

to....hopefully....enhance the more rounded mesh in MSFS.

On moving this out of the community folder and firing up MSFS the terrain in LOWI and city returned to as it had been? (still with the roller coaster river!)


Two things though I don't understand:

1. I haven't flown over the whole area of Taburet's terrain but it only seems to conflict with the airport and city ares in LOWI?

2. I purchased and installed the terrain over 4 weeks ago and didn't see this effect on the LOWI terrain until last weekend? I haven't changed the Taburet terrain or the sim in any way?


At least I can enjoy my fav scenery as it was again in MSFS.


Thanks for your help.




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