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Shoreham Airport (UK) undulation exaggerated


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First of all you have a mesh conflict. You have MeshXP for British Isles installed which is clashing with the mesh contained in TEGB South.

Your layering sequence for addons was incorrect so I have corrected the sequencing/layering structure for you.

There are no modified airports in TEGB South they are all Laminar default airports.

The TEGB Airports file only corrects the actual coordinates of some airports as there is a difference in the coordinates between the placement of some airports in default scenery vs actual photoscenery. This file corrects those issues to ensure that there are no duplicated but off set runways for example.

I have 2 suggestions for a test.

The first is that you disable all your Mesh XP Brit files as they will be conflicting in all manners regarding mesh and possibly other areas like overlay.

The second option is that you rename your Custom Scenery folder to Custom Scenery.BAK

Make a new Custom Scenery folder and drag& drop the 4 TEGB files plus Global Airports into the new Custom Scenery folder.

Run XP and exit.

Open the new Custom Scenery folder and the sceney_pack.ini and make sure that TEGB Airports file is above Global Airports and that the 3 main TEGB South files are directly below Global Airports in the Custom/Overlay/Orthos sequence.

Go to the airports you are reporting undulations are appearing and report back.

Don't put the attached revised scenery_packs.ini in the new Custom Scenery folder as XP will create a new one for the test. The revised one can go into the Custom Scenery.BAK folder. Please tell me if you are using an organiser programme as it would initially appear so , or you have been manually reorganising the scenery_packs file.

@Nick Cooper please move this topic to the Support section as it is not a Bug in TEB South. Thanks


scenery_packs .ini

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Thanks again for your support Jon, I removed MeshXP for British Isles altogether, and it seems to have sorted it.
I don't have a re-organising app. The scenery_packs.ini generated exactly like your suggestion sans MeshXP_...

I just purchased TEGB Central BTW :-)

Keep safe


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