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Orbx Central not showing my purchased products

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I am curious why all my purchased Orbx products do not show up in Orbx Central. I show as having purchased 2 (KORS & 1S2) out of a total of 10. The other 8 are not ticked off. I believe LOWI was the latest purchase. I recently managed to install the addon linker. I wonder if that has affected how the airports show up in Orbx Central.


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I use the Addon linker. If you want to see what addons have updates etc via Orbx Central you will need to enable ALL the addons via Addon Linker temporarily.

Orbx Central will pick up what is installed. The Linker will only add the addons you choose for a particular scenario to the Community folder (via symbolic links) so what ever you have chosen via the Linker will be in the Community folder and that folder is what Orbx Central is looking at to see what is Installed as far as Orbx addons is concerned. if the addon is not in the Community folder at the time then it shows as not installed in Orbx Central.

I attach 2 pics illustrating my point.

The first pic shows My Products and note that none appear to Orbx Central as being installed because I have not enabled/chosen any to be symbolically linked to the Community folder.

The 2nd pic shows that Orbx Central has seen the addons installed and one needs an update. This is because I enabled/chosen all the addons to be symbolically linked to the Community folder.


Pic 1:






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