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Has Orbx forgotten something?


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I previously perceived that Orbx would update all products from P3Dv4 to P3Dv5.
I have a number that is still not updated to P3Dv5.
I use v5.1. MSFS has to mature for a while before I want to go there.
What are the plans for Orbx to convert more products to P3Dv5?
Note that it is not a request for update to v5 but just a request for information.
Can you please give us more information about what your plans look like?


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thank you for your enquiry.

Because this question is regularly asked, I have taken the opportunity to make this the definitive answer for everyone.


This was the opening statement by Orbx:



We will work on the remaining products to get them up to v5 compatibility. This is not a commitment or guarantee that all products will be made available for v5. Regardless, we will endeavour to make all of them compatible but there may be instances where this may not be possible. 


Here are a few topics asking similar questions.

and finally, here is the most recently released product:



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