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MSFS2020 LIEO Olbia Costa Smeralda People not animated

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I was just wondering the same concerning MSFS sceneries.
I see MSFS airports that - looking at the screenshots - seem too lack even static people sometimes and always moving people.
Is this temporarily, because of a lack of a usable Develloper Kit, or is there another reason?

Thanks for clearing up!
Kind regards
Bram Stikkel  

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31 minutes ago, Bram Stikkel said:

Hello Matteo,
Thanks for your input. Do I pull the correct conclusion from your words "at the moment" there are intentions to bring life back in the animated people in Orbx MSFS airports in the future?
KInd regards
Bram Stikkel

Probably yes. I cant say more at the moment but i think in the future they could be animated.



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