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  1. I was wondering, if the two PNG addons are still on the list to be created for MSFS2020. They used to be, but has that plan changed? Kind regards Bram Stikkel
  2. As a information to Orbx I would like to let know here, I am a bit disappointed after purchasing the PAKT Ketchikan International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator that is on Thursday sale at the moment. Compared to the version of this airport for FSX and P3D, it is just not as great as I was used to expect from Orbx products in the FSX/P3D productline. And I know, it didn't cost much, certainly with the Thursday sale action. But should I expect a quality-level that is pricelevel related? I hope not. One thing I used to love from PAKT Ketchikan International Airport for FSX and P3D, were the very wel worked out hight level differences that is so distinctive of this airport. In the Microsoft Flight Simulator version the levels are much more equal, so with far smaller hight differences. Besides that, there are strange effects in the mesh around the airport. I do like the worked out surrounding of the MSFS version airport. The south-east waterside areas close to Ketchikan International Airport, have been worked out beautifully. Many objects that bring alive the surroundings. The north-west part of the watersides however, shows several blurry in texture objects and far less modelled objects. It would have been nice, if this side would have been modelled as beautifull as the south-east area. I do not want to be a just complaining customer. In the past years I have purchased a great lot of Orbx addons and they were all fantastic! And I do realize, there is a lot of work to do on the Microsoft - Asobo side. But for the first time in my long Orbx relation, I do notice some hesitation now. Not only because of this product only, but also when looking at the screenshots coming with other MSFS products on the website. Might also have to do with the fact, animated people and animals - like in Objkect Flow technology for FSX-P3D - seem not to be possible yet. But for what I know from develloping, it should be possible to create smaller mesh files that are very detailed, for close around the airport. And e.g. a lack of such detailed mesh around Ketchikan, makes me feel it is an not really finished product. I hope and expect Orbx want to keeps going for the same level of quality in MSFS products as they used to have with the FSX-P3D addons. Keep our expectations high, Orbx! You did it for years! I would really appreciate if you keep going for it related to MSFS. Kind regards! Bram Stikkel
  3. Hello Nick, Thanks for the reply. Might be I am overlooking a very obvious option, but can you tell me, how one selects all products for a specific flightsimulator? Thanks! Bram
  4. Hello Orbx, One can choose all addons for a part of the world for a specific flightsimulator and aircraft or tools for a specific flightsimulator. As far as I can discover, at this moment there is no option to choose a product-selection of all products for a specific flightsimulator. Could this option be added? So, selection 'all products for a sim? Kind regards Bram Stikkel
  5. Hello Orbx, Though there is certainly attention for the small mountain airstrips from PNG at freeware develloper MSFS-websites, I would really like the Orbx PNG products to be redevelloped for MSFS too. Are there any plans for that at this moment? Kind regards Bram Stikkel
  6. I have just gone through the process of research in order to get 'the best' MSFS pc - inside my budget ofcourse and one of the remarkable things I learned from one of the many testing videos I have watched, is, that one can better go for faster memory than more memory. Ofcourse your motherboard must be able to handle the speed of the memory too. Finally I also came to 32 Gb at 3600 Mhz.
  7. Thanks, Nick, But I would not have managed without both your help. Actually it would be great if Orbx would create a kind of easy-to-check data-base with all the possible causes from various problems. Or do these things not happen often? And the help-function would be far better if it would link to directly related parts of the forum, depending on the error-message. Thank you very much again and until later! Bram Stikkel
  8. Okay, it looks like I solved the problem. Absolutely thanks to your help, Nick and Josh. I have replaced the wrong pointed link in the P3Dv4 directory by a symbolic link to the P3Dv4 directory at the external harddisk and changed the name of the virual link in Orbx. Now manual installtions and updates seem to work well. Only auto update does not work, but that might be solved when the next update of products is coming. Thanks again, both of you! KInd regards Bram Stikkel
  9. Josh, can you please help me with the last steps to solve the problem? Thanks
  10. Hello Josh, FIrst, thank you very much for helping me by reading the log. I now see, how I might be able to read it myself in the future. The mentioned link, does exist, but appears to lead to nothing. That is to say, the Orbx directory in the P3dV4 directory, appears to be a link to H:/Orbx which is a separate drive from which I have do the installation of P3Dv4. There is no directory Orbx directory there and there should not be one there. My Orbx files are located in a external drive E Orbx-scenery. That is the external drive on which I set Orbx Central to put all three directories for X-Plane 11, P3Dv4 and Microsoft Flight Simulator. So the link in P3Dv4 directory to the external Orbx scenery location seems spontaniously have been created wrong. Strange thing is also, the latest modified date of the Orbx link in P3Dv4 is 12-june 2019. One would expect that, if I would have manually put older files in the P3Dv4 directory, but I have not. It is a clean new install. I also wrote to Nick Cooper, the installation of Orbx freeware field Fairways Airport went okay. However, checking out how things were linked to the external drive in MSFS, I discovered, also there is a dead link, in the Community directory. Orbx-airport-og20-fairways appeared to link to a wrong directory. This one I can explain, because it points to the directory Orbx Central created in first instance. Later I changed in Orbx the location of the Orbx directory for MSFS and after that, the link in MSFS communityfolder should actually need to be updated. Appearently this change of location is not automatically set through in the flightsims directory Orbx link. Can you tell me what is the best way to correct the links to the correct location of the Orbx scenery folder? Can I just delete the wrong ones in the flightsims directories and create a correct one manually? In that case: the directory on the external scenery drive looks like this: Orbx scenery/p3dv4/ and Orbx scenery/XP11 and Orbx scenery/msfs. The location "Orbx scenery" I have named myself. The locations within that location Orbx Central created. Should I create a link in the P3Dv4 game directory that is pointed to Orbx scenery/p3dv4/ then? And the scenery library in P3Dv4 itself, how do I correct the locations there? Thanks again very much! Bram Stikke;
  11. O, that is great news. Thanks for explaining me. I can be patient... A friend of mine suggested it might only seam to go okay with the downloads, instead of realy go okay. Therefore I checked the content of the in Central set download location and it was empty. Could this be an indication for the cause ? Thanks again! Bram Stikkel
  12. Yesterdag I found the manual of Orbx Central (yes, I am not different from most people, reading the manual as a last option ) and there I found the files that are prerequisite for good functioning of Orbx Central. These are only 2 for WIndows 10. One of them was an update, that was not yet installed. Unfortunately, it did not solve the problem. And it does stil not explain the well functioning of Orbx Central with Microsoft FS2020 and X-Plane 11 and disfunctioning for P3Dv4. I know you do your best, Nick, and there is no way a complain in this to you personal. But since this forum is the only support channel for Orbx products, maybe it would be a good idea, to involve some software programmers in the support, a kind of second level support for the harder to solve problems. They know in depth how a program works and I suppose they could determine exactly were the cause of the problem must be. Is this possible? Realizing there are a lot of requests and a lot of pc- and softwareconfigurations Kind regards Bram
  13. Well, here's the list of things I did after all the previous attempts. End of story is still, it does not work, at least for the P3Dv4 products. The one free X-Plane 11 and one Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 addons do install fine. By the way, also when the antivirus was on. So, it is something specific in relation to P3Dv4. I have tried this time: changed the securitysettings from the external usb-3 drive on which Orbx Central is to install it's files. Set all things allowed for all users. changed the securitysettings from the P3Dv4 directory in which the main programm is located. Unfortunately, as I said, it does stil not solve the problem. Downloading goes fine, Finalizing and Cleaning up + Configuring does not. I have switched of the checking for enough space. There is enough space, at the downloadlocation and unpacking location, at the backupfile location and at the final library location. Do you think it is possible, to involve an specialist on Orbx Central to have a look at this problem, you think? Greetings Bram Stikkel
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