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  1. Is there a reason why the people are static and not animated? Thanks for your help Hans
  2. Oustanding video! What scenery do you have installed? Hans
  3. I found some other issue that seems to be incorrect: After taking off on RWY 30 you see two unnatural little mountain peaks that remain until approaching very close. Only then they change to a normal shape. Regards Hans Mathys
  4. Sorry, Nick. I'm using P3Dv4. I'm not asking any support. I'm posting this message just for your information. Hans
  5. There is an anomaly on the runway. The nose wheel is diving into the (white) marker. Regards Hans Mathys
  6. I found this water anomaly near Islesboro ME 57B (Approaching Runway 19). There are simililair anaomalies in the area. Regards Hans Mathys http://imgur.com/a/e5Gnj
  7. Hi Rob Fantastic video! Hard to believe the scenery is not real. Hans
  8. There is a scenery anomaly in the Big Bend Region/Texas (FSX). The 2 pictures below show Lajitas International Airport 89TE. First picture: AEC enabled, second picture: AEC disabled. Regards Hans
  9. If you have SEATTLE-TACOMA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT KSEA (TAXI2GATE) installed: That's the culprit! You have to deactivate that scenery. I sent a E-Mail to Taxigate some months ago but didn't get an answer. Hans
  10. How can I use the Airport Elevation Correction Tool for A.J. Eisenberg Airport WA (KOKH, formerly - and in FSX/P3D - 76S)? The airport doesn't exist in the list neither under KOKH nor 76S. Thanks in advance. Hans Mathys serial number removed
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