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Did MSFS 28 OCT update break the livery system?

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After the 28 OCT update to MSFS, aircraft liveries are not changing correctly in the "My Hangar" or when loading flights.

I have both the IRIS Jabiru and IndiaFoxtEcho MB-339, which have more than one livery.


If I open "My Hangar" and select the MB-339A, the last livery that I flew a flight with will be visible. 

If I click on the liveries button and then click on a different livery, a check mark appears in that livery box, but the livery does not change.




If I go to the World Map and create a flight:


When loading a flight, the first time I select the MB-339A, the livery last flown is displayed.   It will match the My Hangar livery.



If I click the Livery tab and choose a different livery, the newly selected livery thumbnail is displayed (gray in this case).  I pick an airport and click fly.




When the flight loads and starts, the livery will be the initial livery, not the selected livery.



If I exit the flight and choose a different aircraft, say the MB-339PAN or Jabiru J-160, that aircraft, and the livery I select, will correctly load up when I click "Fly".


If I then exit that flight and choose the MB-339A and select a new livery (gray for instance) and then click Fly, the MB-339A will load with the correct gray livery.


If I then exit the flight, load a different livery (say camo), and click Fly, the flight will spawn with the last flown livery (ie. still gray).


To get a new livery I have to exit, select another aircraft, start a flight, exit again, and then select the MB-339A and pick the new livery.





The Jabiru J160/J-170 is doing almost the same thing.  However, a few of the livery choices will actually change in the My Hangar.  The same ones seem to change during flight selection. 


Others will not change in My Hangar and require the same process of loading another aircraft type, starting a flight, exiting, selecting the Jabiru and then changing the livery.


Initial livery white with red stripes.  Selecting the pink livery results in the Hangar view being blurry. 

Starting a flight with the pink livery selected will show a pink thumbnail, but spawns with the white with red stripes.




The next livery (white with light blue) will display properly and load properly.


The next livery (black and gold) will display the 1st livery (white red) again.


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Hi Matt @Matt McGee



If you go to flightsim.to there is an explanation of what happened . Apparently the folder structure for liveries has changed with the new update and requires additional information.


Unfortunately, and it seems quite  by accident,  Asobo was unable to communicate the new structure to scenery developers (especially the freeware ones) in time for the latest update .


The "fix" is quite easy for livery developers and they are the ones that need to modify their liveries with some  additional folder/file (s).

Some of them have already done so - I imagine that the rest will be done over the next few days.


So just check back with the site that you used for your livery to find out when the update is available.


Just for illustration I updated my Austrian livery for the A320 (it was available today) and switched between from the first to the second in the normal way.

Worked perfectly as before :)


So I started with Air Cal 




Then went back to the main page to start the flight again and for the A320Neo I then selected the Austrian Airline livery (which had been updated today for the new file structure) , selected gate 52 again at KSBA , Santa Barbara  clicked 'Fly" and all was good.







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