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LOWI from Asobo instead of the Orbx one

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I wanted to try your LOWI scenery, but it seems that the one that is showing is the one from Asobo.

Could you please tell me how to get yours?

For information, I can see the LOWI scenery in my Orbx MSFS files library and the symbolic link in the Community folder. Even in the Content Manager within the simulator, Orbx LOWI is listed.

By the way, is it recommanded to uninstall the Asobo version of LOWI?

Thank you.


transaction ID / receipt number is 5f4cc6b9b2ebc


Best regards,


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I am having the same problem with LOWI. I am not so sure where the different MS2020 files are on my harddisks. I have a MSFS directory on my F: disk in which there is a subdirectory Official and under that OneStore. In here are the many files and I placed the Orbx LOWI there and took the Asobo one out. Now there are no more buildings only the runway. Could you help?


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from another customer's report, it seems that if there are two copies, neither of them will work.

In his case, he had bought from both the Marketplace and from Orbx and had them both installed.

That seems to be what you have achieved by copying the files.

Orbx LOWI is designed to and does indeed work with the Asobo version left well alone.

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Orbx Central installs the products either to its own library or directly into the Community folder.

If you use an Orbx Central Library, then a shortcut to the Community folder is used instead.

In both circumstances, the product works as its developer intended.


In any other configuration, such as the one that you pictured, it will not work.

Put the asobo-airport-lowi-innsbruck folder back into the One Store folder and delete the

orbx-airport-lowi-innsbruck folder from the One Store folder.

That should leave you with one copy of Orbx LOWI, in



If necessary, reinstall, or run Verify files for Orbx LOWI to rule out any other manual changes that you might have made

and the Orbx version will then work, assuming that you have not added anything else to the installation

that interferes with it.





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Thanks Nick, I will try our your solutions, but I still have some (stupid?) questions; which Community folder with Orbx LOWI should I keep; the one directly under MSFS or the one under Official. If all fails, how do I re-install the files as my Central only has the option of un-install at the moment. Lastly how can I run Verify?

I am new to the Orbx world and therefore not so familiar with the system yet.

Greetings from Holland  Odsuur

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remove MSFS\Official\Community, or merge it with MSFS\Community


Inside your MSFS folder you should see only




Community should contain only folders named after their contents.

Official should contain only one folder, named OneStore.

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