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Graz LOWG - Thoughts from a Local

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Hi there,


first of all thank you Orbx for creating this overall lovely and great rendition of Graz. It is my hometown and LOWG is thus my home airport and I'm really happy that there is a high-quality scenery for MSFS avaiilable. I bought LOWG yesterday and I did some test flights and some drone inspections. While most features of the airport are well developed, I noticed some things that could be improved:

- There are multiple push-back trucks on the apron. As far as I know, push-back is not used in Graz at all. The main gates in front of the terminal are designed so that the planes can turn around themselves after starting the engines. The gates on short the side of the terminal, too. In case a heavy aircraft visits Graz (which rarely happens in LOWG) it usually parks on the apron so that it, too, can turn around without a push-back truck. That being said I am pretty certain that the airport actually has a push-back vehicle for "emergencies" but they aren't parked visibly on the apron and definitely not at specific gates.


- You guys managed to add the café and the viewing terrace on top of the main terminal. Lovely benches there. However, I am missing a few (animated or static) people looking at the airplanes. That would be a great addition because the terrace is open for visitors 24/7.


- There is an aviation museum on the south-eastern side of the airport, near the Christophorus 12 heli rescue base. You created the hangars (the one with the "Gösser" logo on top of the roof) just fine but I am missing the planes that are parked in the open next to the hangars. FSDG managed to include them in their old FSX/P3D scenery and I think it really adds to the "Graz-experience" ;)

- The western side of the airport (with the western grass strip) is generally well-done. Most buildings are there but some details aren't correct: I have multiple vehicles driving regularely over the small taxiway that connects the center runway with the grass strip. That rarely happens IRL. Also a bunch of small GA airplanes are parked in the grass next to the northern side of the grass strip IRL. This part of the airport houses flight schools for general aviation and soaring airplanes, as well as a helicopter base, parachute jumpers, hail protection airplanes and privately owned airplanes. There's also an iconic ancient yellow tractor that carries a yellow wagon to the ends of the active grass runway when it is in use. The wagon is used for controlling the GA traffic taking off/landing on the grass strip. 


- Generally, most apron vehicles in Graz, including stairs, service and catering verhicles are painted yellow (similar to the vehicles at LOWI). I don't know if that's a MSFS limitation but I've never seen Gate Gourmet vehicles in Graz.


I know that those are all details and I am not expecting to see them all added or reworked. As I said, I really appreciate you creating this scenery in the first place. Don't take this list as pure negative critique, I just wanted to give you some thoughts on what could still be improved in this already great scenery.


Thank you for reading and have a good day,


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Thanks Lukas, we will take the feedback and see what can be done.


I do believe that the airport ground service personnel and vehicles are dictated by the parking positions and spawn according the parking position sizes. We also cannot do much about the vehicle traffic on the roads as that cannot be modified by us at the moment.

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Hello, I have almost all Orbx scenes for P3D and MSFS, but LOWG for MSFS is the first airport where the MSFS crashes after I want to take off my plane from Graz. I've already deleted and reinstalled the scenery, but it doesn't help. Maybe someone has a solution for me.
Lg. Heimo

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