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Weather Preset install folder


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Purchased the weather preset addon for MSFS. Everything  went fine except I cannot seem to direct it to install in the Orbx Library. It installs into a user folder on my C: drive which is where I do not want it.


Any way to change this other than manually moving the folder(s)





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Hi Vic,


Weather presets for Microsoft Flight Simulator are loaded from your appdata folders. If you'd like to install them elsewhere, that would be better directed toward Asobo/MS.


In any case, the total size of this product is 9.23 MB (as a comparison, the OrbxDirect homepage itself is 15.8 MB).

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Hello Vic,

you can use the Windows 10 apps and feature function to move the app part of

MSFS from your C drive to another drive.

This still leaves the links in the appdata folder but reduces the size of the

AppData\Local\PackagesMicrosoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder to 295KB.

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