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Problem with Download - MilViz DHC 2 Beaver


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As requested by MilViz I am just letting it be known that I have experienced a problem with the download, via Orbx, of the DHC 2 Beaver.  Below is the content that I have posted on the MilViz Beaver Support Forum and I await their advice.


So, I have just acquired, via Orbx, the DHC 2 Beaver and I am having a problem following the download. Having downloaded through Orbx I opened FSX to have a look at the new aircraft and initial views were positive until --- I noticed that the engine instruments were not registering at all. I took it for a quick flight anyway, primarily to discover if anything else was inop. All of the flight instruments operated just fine and all of the flying controls were good too, the aircraft flew very nicely. Flaps, throttle, mixture all worked with the axes/buttons assigned on the throttle but the prop lever wouldn’t move using the assigned key, although the RPM did change. The buttons on the stick were not so effective.
This is what I see.

Prop: With assigned key RPM changes but lever doesn’t move.
Dragging the lever with the mouse, no RPM change

MP: Stuck at zero. Engine responds to throttle and lever moves.

CHT: No indication
Temp: No indication
Oil Press: No indication
Fuel Press: No indication
Fuel level: All indicators at full and didn’t change during flight.

Oil & Fuel Press lights on – with zero oil & fuel pressure that’s probably correct.

Fuel selector will not toggle to off
Mag Switch will not toggle to off

Depressing the assigned landing light key, the light illuminates and immediately goes off
Operation of landing light switch with mouse - light comes on and stays on.
Other cockpit switches seem to function with mouse

Starter switch with mouse initiates starter motor but it stops immediately (without releasing the switch). Does not start the engine

I have taken advice from Osh and this is what I have done:

Attempted to download XML Tools file – would not install.

Uninstalled and reinstalled (in Orbx) as administrator having first disabled all anti virus etc (twice). No change.

Downloaded the latest Beaver patch 171229 to FSX…….SimObjects/Airplane. No change.

This is what I have:

Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle & Stick

Windows 10 to Build 18362.1082


MSI B450 Gaming Carbon Pro AC
Ryzen 5 3600
16GB DDR4 3600

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I have, finally, resolved the issues reported above and, I have to say, with minimal assistance from Milviz.  Below, for information, is what I have just posted on their DHC2 Beaver Forum.


"So, after hours of stumbling around and making absolutely no progress I discovered this post 




which at least gave me a path to follow.  I pretty quickly discovered that dll.xml was present and where it should be but there was no XMLTools.dll anywhere.  Now, Osh gave me a download link for XMLTools.dll - but it hadn't work sadly.  So I found myself stumbling around again - and I did, quite by chance, stumble across:




which presented me with a free and functioning download link for XMLTools for FSX and P3D.  I downloaded an FSX version and, bingo.  The DHC2 Beaver gauges are now all working.


I note that the referenced post above is over one year old and there are several other posts that I saw that were reporting issues of a similar nature, so this is obviously not a new problem that has faced MilViz customers.  I question why this persists and there has been no resolution to avoid the frustration?  I am not in the habit of buying a new product and then having to spend hours repairing it before I can use it. 


I also note that, when I access the Milviz Forum I get a big red pop up that says "NOT SECURE'.


 I also am not a fan of having to disable all PC security measures to install the goods in the first place. I doubt that I will be back to this arena any time soon."

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Thank you very much for your help. I installed the xml and now have working gauges etc. I noticed that I do not have VC night lighting either, also gauges don't light up. I have been on Milviz forum but no luck finding any fixes. Don't seem to give much customer support. 


I have a lot of Orbx scenery and you folks have always been awesome in that area. I would have purchased this Beaver from you but didn't realize Orbx also had it for download. I don't think I would purchase anymore aircraft from Milviz.


Thanks again for your help.



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On my "old" installation of the DHC-2 (bought years ago - so not from Orbx...), I have a "Milviz_Lighting_Gauge.dll" in the panel folder (dated 2017).


Check if it is there and if it is the 64k version...


Good luck



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Hey nice of you to respond. I bought this Beaver Jan of 2020 not realizing that at the time my computer could not run it. I was using FSX. I have now upgraded to 24 gb ram, faster hard drive, geforce rtx 3060 ti. Have i7 cpu 975@3.33ghz. Win10 and Prepar3d4.5. My computer is running very nicely so very excited to use this DH2 as it is one of my favorite aircraft. I have all the upgrades Orbx has done in the British Columbia Canada region and hoping to get this Beaver working better. I attached a copy of the Panel in Milviz for you to see. I don't see anywhere it says 64k. So maybe that is the problem.


Any advise is greatly appreciated



milviz light.jpg

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Thanks for your effort. I will just mess around till I find a repair. I was reading something about if you did not have your virus software disabled it could be the problem, good chance that is what has happened.


Anyway happy flying



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