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  1. I have, finally, resolved the issues reported above and, I have to say, with minimal assistance from Milviz. Below, for information, is what I have just posted on their DHC2 Beaver Forum. "So, after hours of stumbling around and making absolutely no progress I discovered this post '[url]http://milviz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=10928&sid=717df2696b3d5932e4dfe62bb3bb1023[/url] which at least gave me a path to follow. I pretty quickly discovered that dll.xml was present and where it should be but there was no XMLTools.dll anywhere. Now, Osh gave me a download link for XMLTools.dll - but it hadn't work sadly. So I found myself stumbling around again - and I did, quite by chance, stumble across: [https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/xmltools-a-common-xml-expansion-module-for-fsx.131/][/url] which presented me with a free and functioning download link for XMLTools for FSX and P3D. I downloaded an FSX version and, bingo. The DHC2 Beaver gauges are now all working. I note that the referenced post above is over one year old and there are several other posts that I saw that were reporting issues of a similar nature, so this is obviously not a new problem that has faced MilViz customers. I question why this persists and there has been no resolution to avoid the frustration? I am not in the habit of buying a new product and then having to spend hours repairing it before I can use it. I also note that, when I access the Milviz Forum I get a big red pop up that says "NOT SECURE'. I also am not a fan of having to disable all PC security measures to install the goods in the first place. I doubt that I will be back to this arena any time soon."
  2. As requested by MilViz I am just letting it be known that I have experienced a problem with the download, via Orbx, of the DHC 2 Beaver. Below is the content that I have posted on the MilViz Beaver Support Forum and I await their advice. So, I have just acquired, via Orbx, the DHC 2 Beaver and I am having a problem following the download. Having downloaded through Orbx I opened FSX to have a look at the new aircraft and initial views were positive until --- I noticed that the engine instruments were not registering at all. I took it for a quick flight anyway, primarily to discover if anything else was inop. All of the flight instruments operated just fine and all of the flying controls were good too, the aircraft flew very nicely. Flaps, throttle, mixture all worked with the axes/buttons assigned on the throttle but the prop lever wouldn’t move using the assigned key, although the RPM did change. The buttons on the stick were not so effective. This is what I see. Prop: With assigned key RPM changes but lever doesn’t move. Dragging the lever with the mouse, no RPM change MP: Stuck at zero. Engine responds to throttle and lever moves. CHT: No indication Temp: No indication Oil Press: No indication Fuel Press: No indication Fuel level: All indicators at full and didn’t change during flight. Oil & Fuel Press lights on – with zero oil & fuel pressure that’s probably correct. Fuel selector will not toggle to off Mag Switch will not toggle to off Depressing the assigned landing light key, the light illuminates and immediately goes off Operation of landing light switch with mouse - light comes on and stays on. Other cockpit switches seem to function with mouse Starter switch with mouse initiates starter motor but it stops immediately (without releasing the switch). Does not start the engine I have taken advice from Osh and this is what I have done: Attempted to download XML Tools file – would not install. Uninstalled and reinstalled (in Orbx) as administrator having first disabled all anti virus etc (twice). No change. Downloaded the latest Beaver patch 171229 to FSX…….SimObjects/Airplane. No change. This is what I have: Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle & Stick Windows 10 to Build 18362.1082 System: MSI B450 Gaming Carbon Pro AC Ryzen 5 3600 MSI RT5700XT 16GB DDR4 3600
  3. You're right, definitely the proverbial vicious circle. After using the FSXSE validation process to refresh the terrain.cfg file and then discovering that this catch 22 situation had developed I realised that I have no idea what the interface between FSX and Orbx looks like, so the final EU Scotland verification was really to establish that the errant FSX files were a consequence of running Orbx. It was at that point that I withdrew from the battle. Following your advice above I now have my world back. Thank you once again Nick. regards daveyG
  4. This doesn't appear to be going to plan. Firstly, I repeated the actions of my first post with the exception of the fact that I ran the Orbx File Verification process as the final action. I then opened FSXSE and did a quick flight and the problem was still there. So, after a ponder I deleted the the renamed lclookup.bgl.off file - which had been superceded, as it were, by a new file and renamed the new one. I then deleted the terrain.cfg file and ran FSXSE File Verification through Steam. That operation produced the result that 7858 files had failed to validate and would be re-acquired. Following that reacquisition and confirming that all FSXSE files would successfully be validated I checked the FSX main folder and the lclookup.bgl file had been recreated as had the terrain.cfg file. I followed that up by running file validations on my Orbx products through Orbx Central and then SimSync through the Settings/Help and then a repeat of the quick flight. The problem persisted. Repeat the FSXSE file validation process through Steam and once again 7858 files failed to validate. I went through the process of re-acquiring those files again and validating the FSXSE files again - successfully. That was followed by a further visit to Orbx Central and validate files on EU Scotland. Back to Steam and check FSXSE files and the validation failed on 7854 files. I am now well out of my depth and floundering . I am tempted to uninstall my Orbx scenery and then re-install them one at a time but I think it probably better to await advice. regards daveyG
  5. Thanks for the rapid response Nick. Verify Orbx Files at Step 1 and Step 4. Should I have repeated that step after the FSXSE Verify Files activity as well? The terrain.cfg and lclookup.bgl files had been resurrected, however, I am quite happy to repeat the process. I will come back after that and advise the outcome. regards daveyG
  6. Hello, I am having the problem of random rendering in the Orbx scenery. I have Global Base: Global Open LC Europe: EU Scotland. .2020-8-4_10-49-54-703.BMP I have tried the fix that is pinned at the top of this Forum but have struggled to effect it as directed. I have followed the opening gambits: 1. Verified Files on all 3 products from Orbx Central 2. Renamed the lclookup.bgl file in BASE/Scenery folder 3. Move on to the Holgar Sandmann fix for the terrain.cfg file. a. /Orbx/Scripts does not have an FTXCentral/Work folder. I assume that is correct as all of my products have been purchased after the advent of Orbx Central. b. I have copied the terrain.cfg file and relocated that as a backup and copied it again and pasted it into the main FSX Folder. There is no option box to overwrite and the copied file simply drops in, directly above the original file as "Copy terrain.cfg" c. Without FTX Central, I have then opened Orbx Central and ran the Sync Simulator from the Settings Help Menu. 4. I have then run Verify Files on all of the Orbx products again. 5. I have then attempted to start FSXSE and immediately had the Pop-up " The Lclookup.bgl file is missing or damaged. Please re-install Flight Simulator to recover the files. What I actually did was to relocate the terrain.cfg file and run Verify Files on FSX in Steam which identified some 7657 files that were missing and would be re-acquired. 6. Once that process was complete I checked that the terrain.cfg and lclookup.bgl files had been had been re=acquired and successfully launched FSXSE. The rendering problem remains. Could I have advice please on where I am going wrong? Regards daveyG
  7. So, after many false dawns, unserviceable components (returned under warranty and still with locked down supplier ), lockdown, sick system builder, world standing on its head, I finally, as of yesterday, have my upgraded machine, which I thought I ought to list here, if only to demonstrate that I did mean what I said when I asked the initial question half a lifetime ago. It is: Case: Be Quiet R500 Pure ATX case PSU: Seasonic 750W 80+ Gold CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: MSI RX5700XT Evoke OC MB: MSI B450 Gaming Carbon Pro AC Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 4 DDR4 3600 (2X8) Storage: PNY 900 1TB 2.5SSD I have now downloaded FSXSE, my A2A aircraft and Orbx Global Base and LC Europe. I think that I will stick with that until the new MS FS finally hits the streets and then see which way to go. Although I have only had a couple of proving flights in the Baron to check out key assignments etc, the improvements in performance are quite staggering. So, once again, thanks to all for the advice at the outset, really helpful in educating me and narrowing down the search process. I did duck out of the 'self build' option and given the problems with the original GPU (still MSI but not the same as the item finally installed) I am happy with that decision, although ………... dave.
  8. Many thanks for that insight into a self build. I have a couple more videos to watch and I might just give it a shot; as you say it will save a few quid or open up the budget to move up the spectrum a little bit. I am also tempted with making a decision before Black Friday . I was, belatedly, aware that the True Earth packages were not going to work with FSX, in fact it was Chris who pointed it out to me. Really that just accelerated the need for a better spec system and a switch to XPlane 11 - then I read about the impending arrival of XPlane 12, although the book seems to be still open on when that might happen. I could, of course, just return to Solitaire or Chess and sack the confusion Thanks again dave PS You be very careful flying those 737s - not to be trusted I hear.
  9. Thank you so much guys, I really do appreciate your guidance. The new build is gonna have to wait until after the festive season, four grandchildren are in the driving seat before then. However, I am going to have another chat with my buddy Chris and look at what his costs are going to be to build and accommodate the improvements suggested by Doug. After watching the Paul's Hardware videos though I am tempted to have a try at building my own - but as an erstwhile mechanical (aircraft) engineer, perhaps not a clever idea, or maybe clever but not too intelligent. If anything it is the software side of things that have me backing off. regards Dave
  10. I am very grateful for the great advice tendered by you guys, really helpful. I think that upgrading the current machine is a dodgy issue as the MB sports an 1155 socket, so the current CPU is, I believe, the fastest that I can install there. I have been casting around and talking to a local computer guy, Chris, who I know quite well and it seems that my budget (£1K) is never going to get me anything outstanding. From what I have read and been told it would seem that AMD is probably the way to go. I have located a commercially available machine that is within the budget and will even allow me to include a reasonable monitor. I wonder what you guys will make of it: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @4.2Mhz ASUS® PRIME B450-PLUS 16GB Corsair VENGEANCE 2666MHz 8GB AMD RADEON™ RX 590 1TB SEAGATE BARRACUDA HDD 256GB ADATA SX6000 Pro PCIe M.2 2280 (2100 MB/R, 1200 MB/W) CORSAIR 550W VS SERIES™ VS-550 POWER SUPPLY STANDARD AMD CPU COOLER Windows 10 Home I would appreciate your opinions please. It is quite likely that I will have Chris build me a system based around the above with the odd tweak here and there based on any advice that folks can pass on. Renault, I have watched a couple of the PaulsHardware you tube episodes. I am impressed: informative, logical and not 'geeky'. Thanks for the tip. Thanks again everyone. Dave
  11. Many thanks. That gives me a great starting point. I can, hopefully expand my knowledge from that baseline and start to come to some decisions.
  12. Of course I have already visited the company web site, viewed the specifications and read the reviews. The one useful review of the offer is what lead me to the decision not to pursue a purchase, what the review didn't tell me was whether that spec would offer me a benchmark for determining what I do need to buy to deliver a useable system. I have looked at a lot of hardware websites recently and spent a goodly time going through posts on this forum but I do not entirely understand what I am seeing and reading. However, thanks for your help.
  13. I am not at all knowledgeable about the internals of computers and my system is desperate for - I suspect - replacement. I'm pretty sure that my current system can't be upgraded as the MB has an 1155 socket so I think I am pretty close to the best CPU I can get. I don't know whether other elements can be improved but I guess without upgrading the CPU it would all be a bit pointless. A well known UK supermarket is currently offering a gaming machine, with the following spec, at what seems to be a reasonable price. I do not intend to go down this particular route but wondered what the more knowledgeable folk here make of the spec. 1024 GB PCle SSD 16GB DDR4-2666 Core i5-9400 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 - 6GB GDDR6- VRAM No specs listed for MB or Power Supply. I would like to operate FSX SE with the True Earth scenery for, at least, the UK and to have an element of future proofing in the new system. Regards daveyg
  14. Thank you Don. As an FSX user I guess that I'll be one of those that don't reap the benefits then . However, more information for the memory bank.
  15. I'm sure that isn't what Ira wrote Nick.
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