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Some Orbx products not showing in MS2020

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I initially bought Landmarks London , EGLC London City, EGNM Leeds via the MS Marketplace, but later decided to uninstall them and buy again via Orbx Central as I prefer the update process and can manage my products better with Orbx Central.


This worked for a while but after the MS patches  Landmarks London , EGLC London City, EGNM Leeds don't show anymore, although I have them installed on Orbx Central. I can see all the other products from Orbx Central that were never bought on MS.


I did try to verify files, uninstall everything and re-install and still can't see them.


Any idea?





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Hi Nick,


Thanks for your reply. I don't think you understand my question. I don't expect see them in marketplace.


I did buy these three products TWICE. I bought them first in MS, then on Orbx. I know this seems mad, but I hated the marketplace management (they also had no updates) and had other products in Orbx Central, so I uninstalled the MS Orbx products, bought them on Orbx Central AGAIN (I got a discount for cross grading so it was cheap). Now I have all my products in Orbx Central.


All was well for a while, and I think it had to to with the MS Patch, but all of a sudden I can't see the 3 Orbx products I bought twice (mentioned in my first email), despite the fact I have them installed with Orb Central. They are NOT showing in MS2020. I only see the default LOWI airport and default EGCY and default London. I tried everything. Uninstalling, clearing caches, uninstalling Orbx Central and re-installing everything. LOWI, EGCY and London Landmarks don't show. I'm at the end of my wisdom.


Orbx Central is showing them all installed and the files verified ok, but nothing in MS2020.

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you should first check that these folders are in the Community folder.





and that none of them are in your Official folder.

Then go to your content.xml file, make a backup and then delete it.

Run the simulator until you are on the ground at one of your airports.

If it is still not there, please attach a copy of the new content.xml file to your next post.

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Thanks Jon and Nick!


They do appear in the Content.xml


<Package name="fs-base-ai-traffic" active="true"/>
    <Package name="Orbx-landmarks-london-city-pack" active="true"/>
    <Package name="Orbx-airport-lowi-innsbruck" active="true"/>
    <Package name="Orbx-airport-egnm-leeds-bradford" active="true"/>
    <Package name="gaya-simulations-airport-lowz-zellamsee" active="true"/>
    <Package name="Orbx-airport-eglc-london-city" active="true"/>
    <Package name="aerosoft-paderborn" active="true"/>
    <Package name="gaya-simulations-airport-loww-vienna" active="true"/>
    <Package name="gaya-simulations-airport-lgko-kos" active="true"/>
    <Package name="Orbx-airport-ksba-santa-barbara" active="true"/>


I also have folders in my Official, despite the fact I have everything uninstalled form the MS Store. All the folders are empty though and there is only one Bgl.fsarchive file in the Orbx-airport-innsbruck/scenery folder for example.




And, yes. everything is in the Community folder:





I will delete the folders in the Official folder, but is it really safe delete the whole Content file?


many thanks!

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Good news.

This reads as if a double installation of the same addon results in neither of them displaying.

Have I understood this correctly?

The simulator appears to write to the content.xml file whenever it finds a new product.

It appears however, that when a product is removed, it does not then remove that entry.

Deleting the content.xml file forces it to take another look and it then only adds the folders that it can find.

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On 10/1/2020 at 6:32 PM, theother1 said:

I did buy these three products TWICE. I bought them first in MS, then on Orbx. I know this seems mad, but I hated the marketplace management


If it's any consolation, you're not the only one who has done this (I'm about to do this). This thread was timely as I no doubt would have stumbled upon this issue myself.

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