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LOWW gone since MSFS update patch yesterday

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As you can see by the screenshots - MSFS 2020 is trying to sell me LOWW when I already purchased it from you OUTSIDE the sim. LOWI was bought inside the sim and is still showing.  Why is LOWW not showing anywhere in MSFS yet it shows in the Orbx Central? Plaese allow a registration to be iunserted into MSFS to stop this confusion and to prevent people with memory problems from re- purchasing (I almost did !) a product already purchased OUTSIDE the sim - this may require a co-ordinated effort between you and MSFS (Asobo!) 

9.18.2020 10-45-58.jpeg

9.18.2020 10-46-56.jpeg

9.18.2020 10-47-15.jpeg

9.18.2020 10-47-29.jpeg

9.18.2020 10-47-39.jpeg

9.18.2020 10-47-56.jpeg

9.18.2020 10-48-32.jpeg

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If you are asking why LOWW doesn't appear as installed in the Marketyplace  but shows as installed when you open Orbx Central then the answer is in the specific pinned post made by @Nick Cooper on the very subject. It gives a full explanation as to why an addon bought via Orbx Direct doesn't show in Marketplace and why an addon bought direct in Marketplace doesn't show up in Orbx central.


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