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cant download true earth


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@Nick Cooper Please move to the Support forum as this is not a product bug. Thanks.

@matt197071 Sorry about your issue but I will need far more information than a statement that you cannot install True Earth.

What OS system are you on?

What True Earth addon are you trying to install?

What drive is your Temp folder on?

What ts the drive is you want to install the addon onto?

Have you hot enough free space on those relevant drives to download, extract, and convert files on the drive where your Temp folder is?

Have you got enough free space on the drive you want to install onto?

Finally have your read this pinned topic outlining in detail the total requirements necessary to successfully install a True Earth addon?

Please read this link and ensure you meet ALL the required criteria to successfully install TE especially the Free disk space needs and how to move the Temp folder to a suitable drive if required etc.



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12 hours ago, matt197071 said:

Thanks for the reply but I've very little knowledge on computers so I dont have a clue what a dof file is 

And where  the Oc support forum is ???

It was a typo error and should say Log file

I have asked @Nick Cooper to move this to the Orbx central forum but just for your info it is here:


as in the attached pic below



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