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Orbx Central - Does not list Flight Simulator 2020 as an option of installed platforms.


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Hello everyone,


How do I go about getting Orbx Central to list Flight Simulator 2020 in the platform selection box, in order to download contents I own?


Any suggestions would be really appreciated.


Thank  you.


Operating system:  Win10

Simulator:    Flight Simulator 2020




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Hi Doug,


It worked. I can select the MSFS in the menu.  However, in the backup menu, I already have it pointing to a Orbx X11 folder on a separate drive.  Do I need to create another backup folder for MSFS2020?


Thank you.


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Quick question.


I downloaded couple files and upon installation were installed at:






Is it possible to redirect the save to file to a different Drive and Directory? Due to space limitation on my C: drive I would prefer D: instead.


This is were the MSFS2020 is currently installed.




Thank you.

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certainly, you will just need to refer to the Libraries section of the User Guide and set up an Orbx Central Library in a location of your choice.

You can then install your products into that instead.

If you decide to do that, I would recommend that once your new Library has been created, you delete the "Main Library", assuming that it remains empty.


This is how I have set mine up, as an example.



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