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KSBA ILS not tuning in the A320

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I've just completed a flight from Denver into Santa Barbara at night. I wanted to do the Runway 07 ILS approach but it failed to tune in. The FMGC RAD NAV page showed "ILS 07" but no frequency, and it wouldn't let me input the frequency manually. 

At first, I assumed the ILS was missing from the scenery as in the initial release of EGLC, but I've just tried it in the 152 and it's working fine. 


Any ideas what's going on here? Is it something you can fix? Is it something I'm doing wrong? Beautiful airport by the way - very happy with my purchase other than this (and the dreadful landing that ensued from it!)






FMGC ILS 07.png

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I experienced the same issue with Aerosoft's Paderborn. Seems to be something Asobo needs to fix as it happens with multiple sceneries. I was able to enter the frequency and after that ILS was picked up correctly.

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