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This is how LOWI looks for me...

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Hey guys,


just bought LOWI, thats how it looks for me. Something about the mesh is broken there. Most of the objects are flying lol. Terrain Vector Data Setting is on medium, but doesnt affect the problem if I change the value.


Here screenshots of problem and settings (german but you will get it): https://imgur.com/a/EiWAunE


RTX2080 Super, Ryzen 3600x, 32gb Ram 3600mhz CL16

Windows 2004, newest Nvidia Driver 452.06


Please help, product not usable for me at this point.


thank you

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Just now, gabelrocker1 said:

Ok, got it fixed by restarting my PC. Maybe add some info in the store notes that players should restart the game before using the product. Maybe you get less support requests with it.

A good suggestion but not everyone has that issue. Anyway we can note it. It is always preferable to reboot a PC after adding addons and relevant to all flight sims.

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restarting the simulator should be enough, rebooting the PC will also work but in general,

is only required if changes have been made to the Windows registry that affect the behaviour of Windows itself.

Even then, a simple log out and log in to Windows should do the trick.

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