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KTIW not showing up in MSFS

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Hey there folks, a bit of help here.


So, I bought KTIW and LOWZ over at the Orbx Store (KORS,EGLC,LOWI and EGNM were bought via the Microsoft Flight Simulator Store).


And while every airport is showing up properly in MSFS2020, KTIW for some reason only provides me with the one with the base game — needless to say that I'm very aware that is not Orbx's one because there is a stark difference.





I already uninstalled, tried a different folder outside the sim (Orbx Library) and resync'd Orbx Central. I've attached my current Orbx settings.




Any ideas what might be causing this?





EDIT: 5:37PM (GMT-3) to include a screenshot from MSFS2020.

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32 minutes ago, Ed Correia said:

We think this is to how the order in which sim reads the files and folders as we saw something similar with EGNM. 
Will do some tests and push for an update. 


Yeah, was wondering if it was something along those lines but didn't want to jump into any conclusions. Thank you for letting me know of the current status Ed :)

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Hi Ed, I have the same issue.

I purchased KORS Orcas Island and KTIW Tacoma Narrows and Orbx Central shows that KORS and KTIW are both installed.

MSFS shows Orcas installed but does not show that KTIW is installed. And on looking further, MSFS shows Orcas Island in the Marketplace Official Content for Orbx but Tacoma Narrows does not even appear anywhere within the Marketplace.


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1 hour ago, Lance Arnold said:

I have the same issue




just to clarify:

If you start looking at Orbx Central and Orbx Direct at the same time as the Microsoft Store, you will only confuse the issue.

They are two entirely separate entities, neither can see the other and neither can see if the others products are installed.

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