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My experience with downloading the EGNM package is that it automatically takes priority over the default. So I presume that you don't need to delete the default. In this way if you ever remove the Addon, it will automatically revert to the default. 

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I also have the same Issue as Kreshnik, here is the Orbx central log with the error:



2020-08-19T19:05:36.656Z [INFO] [Central::InstallationService] - Beginning installation of LOWI Innsbruck Airport
{"fullScan":true,"fullDownloadPath":null,"passive":false,"globalBaseInstalled":false,"destination":{"destination":{"name":"Main Library","path":"F:\\Flightsim\\Orbx\\Library","enabled":true,"directorySizeInBytes":979013630},"path":"F:\\Flightsim\\Orbx\\Library\\msfs\\LOWI Innsbruck Airport","type":1}}
2020-08-19T19:05:36.656Z [DEBUG] [Central::InstallationService] - Installing to F:\Flightsim\Orbx\Library\msfs\LOWI Innsbruck Airport
2020-08-19T19:05:38.192Z [DEBUG] [Central::SimulatorService] - Skipping simulator process check. Using cached value.
2020-08-19T19:05:38.192Z [DEBUG] [Central::InstallationService] - Validation: Actions are allowed.
2020-08-19T19:05:38.192Z [DEBUG] [Central::InstallationService] - Validation: Library is ok.
2020-08-19T19:05:38.192Z [DEBUG] [Central::InstallationService] - Validation: Simulator is ok.
2020-08-19T19:05:38.192Z [DEBUG] [Central::InstallationService] - Validation: No antirequisites found.
2020-08-19T19:05:38.193Z [DEBUG] [Central::InstallationService] - Innsbruck Airport has 0 prerequisite(s).
2020-08-19T19:05:38.532Z [DEBUG] [Central::SaturnDispatcherService] - Requesting download and install for product lowi-msfs from Saturn.
2020-08-19T19:05:38.635Z [INFO] [Central::SaturnDispatcherService] - Sending dispatch into saturn.
2020-08-19T19:05:38.652Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Adding job from manifest path: C:\Users\Unfaced\AppData\Local\Temp\Orbx\lowi-msfs.m.c4
2020-08-19T19:05:38.652Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Queue added job
2020-08-19T19:05:38.708Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Started job timer TotalTime
2020-08-19T19:05:38.709Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Skipping stage Saturn.Jobs.Install.Stages.MigrateStage
2020-08-19T19:05:38.710Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Started job timer TargetScan
2020-08-19T19:05:40.928Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Skipping stage Saturn.Jobs.Install.Stages.FullBuildExtractStage
2020-08-19T19:05:40.929Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Required file scan time: 00:00:00.0001472
2020-08-19T19:05:40.929Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Required files: 1
2020-08-19T19:05:40.929Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Required chunks: 1
2020-08-19T19:05:40.929Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Stopped job timer TargetScan
2020-08-19T19:05:40.935Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Free space available on Temporary Location: 78046756864. Free space required: 0
2020-08-19T19:05:40.936Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Temporary Location healthy: C:\Users\Unfaced\AppData\Local\Temp\Orbx\temp\octemp
2020-08-19T19:05:40.936Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Free space available on Target Path: 153614659584. Free space required: 0
2020-08-19T19:05:40.936Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Target Path healthy: F:\Flightsim\Orbx\Library\msfs\LOWI Innsbruck Airport
2020-08-19T19:05:40.936Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Run actions for Disk Check Stage
2020-08-19T19:05:40.936Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Started job timer ActionsTime
2020-08-19T19:05:40.936Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Run actions for stage: Before
2020-08-19T19:05:40.942Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Stopped job timer ActionsTime
2020-08-19T19:05:40.942Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Extracter starting
2020-08-19T19:05:40.942Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Started job timer ExtractTime
2020-08-19T19:05:40.942Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Extracter picked up pending chunks 1
2020-08-19T19:05:40.942Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Downloader starting
2020-08-19T19:05:40.942Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Started job timer DownloadTime
2020-08-19T19:05:40.943Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Extract chunk F:\Flightsim\Orbx\Backups\lowi-msfs\30960dbc-315e-40f3-9fc0-85f9bead3690.c.zip
2020-08-19T19:05:40.943Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Downloader picked up pending chunks 0
2020-08-19T19:05:40.943Z [INFO] [Saturn] - DownloadStage complete
2020-08-19T19:05:40.943Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Stopped job timer DownloadTime
2020-08-19T19:05:40.943Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Nothing to convert.
2020-08-19T19:05:40.943Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Running MainStage with ssd concurrency. Throttler limit is 10.
2020-08-19T19:05:40.956Z [INFO] [Saturn] - lowi-msfs: 10.00%  Extracted: 0 / 1.
2020-08-19T19:05:42.156Z [INFO] [Saturn] - lowi-msfs: 10.00%  Extracted: 0 / 1.
2020-08-19T19:05:43.362Z [INFO] [Saturn] - lowi-msfs: 10.00%  Extracted: 0 / 1.
2020-08-19T19:05:44.582Z [INFO] [Saturn] - lowi-msfs: 10.00%  Extracted: 0 / 1.
2020-08-19T19:05:45.797Z [INFO] [Saturn] - lowi-msfs: 10.00%  Extracted: 0 / 1.
2020-08-19T19:05:46.997Z [INFO] [Saturn] - lowi-msfs: 10.00%  Extracted: 0 / 1.
2020-08-19T19:05:48.208Z [INFO] [Saturn] - lowi-msfs: 10.00%  Extracted: 0 / 1.
2020-08-19T19:05:49.406Z [INFO] [Saturn] - lowi-msfs: 10.00%  Extracted: 0 / 1.
2020-08-19T19:05:50.593Z [INFO] [Saturn] - lowi-msfs: 10.00%  Extracted: 0 / 1.
2020-08-19T19:05:51.799Z [INFO] [Saturn] - lowi-msfs: 10.00%  Extracted: 0 / 1.
2020-08-19T19:05:51.899Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [ERROR] Failed to copy file to the destination: F:\Flightsim\Orbx\Library\msfs\LOWI Innsbruck Airport\Community/Orbx-airport-lowi-innsbruck/CGL/120/sai230.cgl
2020-08-19T19:05:51.900Z [INFO] [Saturn] - ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.SharpZipBaseException: broken uncompressed block
2020-08-19T19:05:51.900Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip.Compression.Inflater.Decode()
2020-08-19T19:05:51.900Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip.Compression.Inflater.Inflate(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 count)
2020-08-19T19:05:51.900Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip.Compression.Streams.InflaterInputStream.Read(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 count)
2020-08-19T19:05:51.900Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at System.IO.Stream.<>c.<BeginReadInternal>b__43_0(Object <p0>)
2020-08-19T19:05:51.900Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.InnerInvoke()
2020-08-19T19:05:51.900Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunFromThreadPoolDispatchLoop(Thread threadPoolThread, ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
2020-08-19T19:05:51.900Z [INFO] [Saturn] - --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
2020-08-19T19:05:51.901Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.ExecuteWithThreadLocal(Task& currentTaskSlot, Thread threadPoolThread)
2020-08-19T19:05:51.901Z [INFO] [Saturn] - --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
2020-08-19T19:05:51.901Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at System.IO.Stream.CopyToAsyncInternal(Stream destination, Int32 bufferSize, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
2020-08-19T19:05:51.901Z [INFO] [Saturn] -    at Saturn.Jobs.Install.MainSubStages.ExtractSubStage.ExtractChunk(InboundChunk chunk)
2020-08-19T19:05:51.901Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Stopped job timer ExtractTime
2020-08-19T19:05:52.016Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Extract Complete
2020-08-19T19:05:52.016Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Started job timer ActionsTime
2020-08-19T19:05:52.016Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Run actions for stage: After
2020-08-19T19:05:52.019Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Stopped job timer ActionsTime
2020-08-19T19:05:52.019Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Beginning configuration.
2020-08-19T19:05:52.020Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Creating symlink to F:\Flightsim\Orbx\Library\msfs\LOWI Innsbruck Airport\Community\Orbx-airport-lowi-innsbruck
2020-08-19T19:05:52.020Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Creating symlink F:\Flightsim\MSFS2020\Community\Orbx-airport-lowi-innsbruck - F:\Flightsim\Orbx\Library\msfs\LOWI Innsbruck Airport\Community\Orbx-airport-lowi-innsbruck
2020-08-19T19:05:52.034Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Configuration completed.
2020-08-19T19:05:52.034Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Started job timer CleanupTime
2020-08-19T19:05:52.036Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Stopped job timer CleanupTime
2020-08-19T19:05:52.037Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Started job timer CleanupTime
2020-08-19T19:05:52.037Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Stopped job timer CleanupTime
2020-08-19T19:05:52.038Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Stopped job timer TotalTime
2020-08-19T19:05:52.038Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Timer TotalTime elapsed 00:00:13.3290325
2020-08-19T19:05:52.038Z [INFO] [Saturn] - 00:00:13.3290325
2020-08-19T19:05:52.038Z [INFO] [Saturn] - TargetScan: 00:00:02.2197006
2020-08-19T19:05:52.038Z [INFO] [Saturn] - DownloadTime: 00:00:00.0000318
2020-08-19T19:05:52.038Z [INFO] [Saturn] - ExtractTime: 00:00:10.9583728
2020-08-19T19:05:52.038Z [INFO] [Saturn] - ActionsTime: 00:00:00.0096121
2020-08-19T19:05:52.038Z [INFO] [Saturn] - CleanupTime: 00:00:00.0034335
2020-08-19T19:05:52.038Z [INFO] [Saturn] - TotalTime: 00:00:13.3290325
2020-08-19T19:05:52.045Z [INFO] [Saturn] - symbolische Verkn�pfung erstellt f�r F:\Flightsim\MSFS2020\Community\Orbx-airport-lowi-innsbruck <<===>> F:\Flightsim\Orbx\Library\msfs\LOWI Innsbruck Airport\Community\Orbx-airport-lowi-innsbruck
2020-08-19T19:05:52.049Z [INFO] [Saturn] - lowi-msfs: 100.00%
2020-08-19T19:05:52.063Z [INFO] [Central::InstallationService] - Post-install process for lowi-msfs beginning.
2020-08-19T19:05:52.063Z [DEBUG] [Central::InstallationService] - Installing set to false during post-install: lowi-msfs
2020-08-19T19:05:52.067Z [DEBUG] [Central::InstallationService] - Version text written to path: F:\Flightsim\Orbx\Library\msfs\LOWI Innsbruck Airport\version_lowi-msfs.txt
2020-08-19T19:05:52.067Z [INFO] [Central::AnalyticsService] - Sending installation report analytics.
2020-08-19T19:05:52.073Z [INFO] [Central::AnalyticsService] - Sending installed product analytics.
2020-08-19T19:05:52.074Z [INFO] [Central::SurveyService] - No trigger slug for lowi-msfs. Skipping survey.
2020-08-19T19:05:52.085Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Job released 829227450
2020-08-19T19:05:52.085Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Complete
2020-08-19T19:05:52.991Z [DEBUG] [Central::AnalyticsService] - Installation analytics sent successfully for lowi-msfs


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10 hours ago, Kreshnik said:

Errors encountered while installing LOWI , i click on verify files but still the problem persist anything i can do ?

Error LOWI.png

Which version of Orbx Central are you using? I have made a couple of MSFS 2020 Orbx purchases (Orbx Direct) and my version does not make any reference to MSFS 2020 so there is no way I can download them. Been getting suggestions from Doug in CYYC but so far no luck.

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