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Just asking the question, i went to sode website and downloded their latest version of sode 1.71. I install the program once downloaded not via Orbx central update. As you can see by the screen-shot Orbx is telling me there and update for sode 1.70 and telling me that sode 1.71 is install. confuse with this update when i have sode 1.71 install.




Operating system: Win 10

Simulator:  P3DV4.5





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Mitchell thanks for the reply,

                                                 I have installed sode 1.7.1 manually from the sode website, does oc2 regconize that I have the latest version install..

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Hi Nick,

            in oc2 does not show as and update to me any more as i have it already install it mannaully. oc2 points to C:\users\extremepc\appdata\roaming\Orbx central\sode. The manual install of sode 1.7.1 went into C:\program files(x86)\123bpilot\sode. I deleted it from oc2 and it justs put it back in. Is this the way it spose to be setup when putting in sode manually. I verify the files in oc2 and it still points to the oc2 folder.. In P3D it says in the addon menu that sode 1.71 is installed.

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