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ESSA - two questions


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To All,

1. ESSA Buildings, especially rooftops are flashing bright then dim.  NOTE > I already have Ground Scenery Shadows disabled in the FSX display

    settings because when enabled it was causing this sort of flashing everywhere. 


2. There are duplicate parking spots and ILSs on the Flightsim Commander map.  Strange thing is I do not see the duplicate

    parking spots in FSX ( in the select airport / parking feature, etc).  Likely not a problem for FTX Orbx,  but if anyone has any ideas or tips

regarding how to correct this I'd appreciate them muchly.

Best to all,

Ken Boardman


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Hi Nick,

  I enabled 8X sparse grid supersampling in Nvidia Inspector and it made

nice difference in the scenery details.  However the ESSA hangar and building

rooftops are still brightly flashing.  This issue isn't present at other payware and

default airports.  Nor is it present on the rooftops of the city buldings,  houses, etc.

  I included the below link to a video file in my Dropbox Acct.  I had no luck

uploading this small video directly to the forum.  It's an MP4 file.   What are the

guidelines for uploading a video here Nick ?

     https://www.dropbox.com/s/h4az0tm70u3pgwd/2020-06-06 13-25-00.mp4?dl=0

Thank you,


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Have you tried reinstalling the scenery? It seems like it is loading multiple building objects at once so there might be some legacy files in the folders. Make a clean install of the scenery and see if that solves it.



Marcus, the developer.

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