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Orbx Scenery Layering in P3D V5

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Is there anybody experiencing issues with there scenery layering?  I have tried the insertion point tool over and over again and can't get my 3rd part addon's to be completely at the top followed by Orbx Libs so on and so forth.  I have tried Delete .CFG let it rebuild and not having any luck.  Any advice or help would be appreciated.




Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 

Simulator:  P3D V5










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I apologise for jumping into this thread, but thought it would be better than starting another "scenery layers ordering" thread.


I'd like to suggest pinning a definitive listing of the recommended Orbx scenery layer order to the top of the PREPAR3D® V5.x Support Forum and Orbx Central Support Forum. I've found this link very useful in the past: http://c-aviation.net/fsx-scenery-library-order-Orbx-global/, but it is now a bit out-of-date, so something similar would be much appreciated.


@Nick Cooper In response to your question above: apart from the appearance of your scenery library, are you experiencing any problems when you use the simulator?  I think many of us Orbx users are not always sure! :unsure: There are obvious issues, like an airport scenery is layered below base scenery and the default airport is still visible over the Orbx airport scenery. However, then there are more subtle issues, like the one I have currently; are Orbx Global Trees HD and Orbx Buildings in the right 'place', just above the elevation stubs, but below Default Scenery (see screenshot)? I think the buildings and trees look like Orbx trees, but I am unsure if LM have improved theirs in V5!


Thank you for your time.


orbx scenery order.jpg

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In regards to Orbx products, using the insertion point tool properly does the job perfectly I find, and everything is fine in my scenery library...but I do not use the Lorby tool. If you and the Lorby tool are not happy about what you see, maybe check with the Lorby tool support for a definitive list. 


There is also a difference if the product is installed in the simulator root folder or via the .xml method which did not exist in the FSX days, so the Lorby tool allows a user to arrange items regardless of the install method and Orbx is expected to provide a definitive list of order for everyone's combination of addons and method of install? 


BTW, I see nothing wrong with the items listed in your image.

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2 hours ago, Captain Nodrog said:

I apologise for jumping into this thread, but thought it would be better than starting another "scenery layers ordering" thread.



it seems to me that the main problem is the appearance to the customer of apparently randomly placed scenery library entries,

rather than a malfunction of Orbx Central or the simulator.

I don't fully understand the need for all the elevation stubs, as I had understood that they are redundant and their presence does

seem to cloud the issue a bit.

Some of the entries are also simply providing replacement files to various parts of the simulator and where they are is unimportant.

I rather think that the HD buildings and trees products are within that category.


Rather than try to second guess Orbx Central, I set the Insertion Point to below the lowest of my other addons scenery and let it do its thing.

It creates a block of correctly ordered Orbx addon scenery and adds the Vector entries below Africa.

This should work for everyone, unless they have a particular product that needs to place entries within the Orbx block, there are very few of those however.


As is the case with the Scenery Config Editor and the scenery.cfg file, both the Lorby Organizer and Orbx Central do the same thing and care

must be taken if using them both, to avoid introducing errors instead of removing them.


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Thank you both for your responses. I should point out that the screenshot provided is where Orbx Central inserted these entries and I have not changed them. The only time I use Lorby is to check specific airport sceneries, like Taxi2gate LFPG, EDDM or KSEA, which have terrain and landclass entries which must be in the correct sequence.


It would be ridiculous to expect Orbx to provide a definitive list of layers for every scenario, but Orbx Central does not just add layers below the 2 insertion points you define. For example, the Orbx Global Base Scenery layer is inserted as one of the highest layers, regardless of where you set the Orbx Airport insertion point. Just as the Orbx Global Trees HD layer is inserted much lower, than where I've set the landclass insertion point. These layers are a shared P3D resource and Orbx Central can mess with other developer's addons very occasionally. Which is why I think a general 'sticky' explaining the logic would save a lot of hunting through the many 'scenery layer' threads that are on this forum. This 'sticky' would expand a little on the Orbx Central documentation here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QqebVX8fUFdFtOOEMR1ZULkhhieenQHNopfNY-5_K0Y/edit#heading=h.qr9evgerasq0


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Thanks, I think that the apparently randomly placed files are not really layers but those where the entry is just replacing

default simulator files. I don't think that in the position of these in a scenery library can affect addons such as airports,

regions or Vector which are additional files, rather than replacements.

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