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PNW P3d V5 Manual Download File missing

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Not sure if i've posted in the correct forum (please move if required).


I have installed a new SDD for my new version of P3d V5 and want to do a clean install of my Orbx Scenery.


For some reason PNW is not installing via the Orbx Central (I have the latest version) so I want to do a manual download and installation of it.


However, I am unable to download the file (see screenshot) can anyway in the Orbx Team advise.










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Hi Doug


Thanks for replying. Don’t know if you saw in my posting but I’m having problems doing the auto download via Orbx Central so wanted to install via the manual download option.


Ive had the same problem with Buildings HD as well so did manual download via Orbx central and all worked fine.


Others such as EU England and NA S California all work fine via auto install option of Orbx Central.


Just to confirm are you saying that for PNW a Manual Download Option does not exist?


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