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P3Dv3 I should know this!

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I should know this but I'm suffering from COVID-19 cabin fever and CRAFT Syndrome!

Decided to reload P3Dv3 post installing both P3Dv4+ and P3dV5 as certain aircraft have not been updated for either of the newer sims.

Running the current Central v4.1.8 installer it simply does not recognise P3Dv3!

Tried the assorted fixes including synchronising the sims and libraries which live on their own drives and no success at all.

The three variations of P3D also live on a single SSD.

Before I get really annoyed and reinstall everything starting with P3Dv3 I'm hoping some wise person has a less traumatic solution?



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to see P3D v3, Orbx Central needs:


1.a folder with Prepar3D.exe in it

2. a registry entry at

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SetupPath

that points to that folder.


That's all.


I have never owned P3D v3 but I can easily make Orbx Central think that I have it.





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Thanks for the help.

I finally managed to get things sorted mainly via brute force and ignorance (not really) and considerable luck.

Actually getting the P3D3 folder with p3d.exe (as suggested) inserted seems to have done the business.


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