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Terra Flora V2 failed to extract?

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I've tried several times to install and each time a get a different failed to extract count (sometimes 2 files, sometimes 3 files, sometimes 6 files).




Tried another product install (NA Northern California) and no issues, so it's something specific to TerraFlora V2.


Cheers, Rob.

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Hi Rob. I have exactly the same problem except that sometimes it says (for P3Dv45HF3) that 3 files failed to extract, other times it says 2. P3DV5 says 9 files. If I try and do a manual download it says his product does not have a full build download available.  


Has any one else had this problem and resolved it? Any help gratefully accepted.



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Hi Nick. Yes, there was a backup which I deleted. This allowed me to install TF2 into P3DV45 but then kept failing to install into P3DV5. If however I deleted the backup between installing in V45 and V5, the I could install TF2 into both sims - strange behaviour and a first for me. This behaviour follows if I reverse the install order, ie. install in V5 first, then V45. I’m using the latest version of Orbx Central (4.1.9)

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SO GOOD to see you mate.  Unfortunately I am in the same boat- 


I couldn't figure out which folder was Terra Flora so I deleted all my backups- but remain unable to install- stuck at Installing.  I don't get to the extracting bit. Attaching another log here.


Ta, and stay safe- C




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it seems that for some reason, this is now happening.



The Orbx Central worker process failed to start. Please check the user guide for troubleshooting advice at http://Orbx.to/central-guide - closed with code 3762504530 - null


which seems to be a different problem.

Can you double check the prerequisites please?



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