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  1. All gone ... that's a complete wipe. Cheers, Rob.
  2. This specific issue was NOT addressed ... my guess is that it's an involved fix ... either segment to smaller BGLs or adjust the code to avoid batch loading contention on large BGLs. Cheers, Rob.
  3. Thanks for the support folks, not everyone is moving to MSFS. It will be years, maybe never for me to move to MSFS because I don't see what I consider critical road map items on MS/Asobo list and may never see on their road map to the future. One such major issue in MSFS is the short LoDRadius for objects, major buildings and key navigation points I would normal be able to see at 10SM METAR just aren't being rendered in MSFS until about 4-5SM. MSFS Photogrammetry fails rather spectacularly (7 FPS) when one hacks the UserCfg.opt in order to get more acceptable LoDRadius that is more in line with P3D. MSFS LoDRadius Max is equal to P3D's Medium. I got a lot of feedback with my Seasons product when dealing with higher LoDRadius (on upto to 10.0) as unacceptable (performance wise). This is a major issue for Asobo which I suspect is also limited by the memory limits of XBOX (16GB for all) so it's unlikely we'll see Asobo address this limitation (5 year release cycle for XBOX and being locked into it's limits) ... sorta reminds me of FSX 32bit locking the limits of what can be achieved in terms of add-on visual clarity and size due to 32bit 4GB memory limits. Based on a lot of recent feedback I've received from various sources (and I'll admit I was somewhat surprised to get so much feedback in regards to P3D), there is enough "buying" support left in P3D such that PBR/DL product updates (at a "cost") is still a viable business process (aka positive return on income to expenses). I realize there is also the possibility LM will add native AO (Ambient Occlusion) support in future versions of P3D (as they hinted) ... what version of AO we can only guess, but any of these will remove the "cartoon" look: SSAO (fastest at lowest quality) HBAO HDAO VXAO (best quality but requires a very good GPU) Of course, if AO has been baked in P3D assets (which I believe Orbx does some baking of AO in their P3D projects), then it needs to be "unbaked". Ideally, the GPU would do all the AO work and all texture assets would have NO baked AO. I don't know if that is an influence into holding off on P3D updates for PBR/DL but I could see it being something to hold off on and wait and see what LM introduce in terms of AO. Or, sell all your P3D products to LM so they can include it in P3D V6 ... pretty sure that would never happen as the USAF might not need that, but I'd love to be wrong. My 2 cents. Cheers, Rob.
  4. LM have indicated they think they have fixed the issue and we're (Beta group) are waiting for a drop to test. Thanks for the download Matteusz, will try your file out in the interim. Cheers, Rob.
  5. LM is investigating and will report back. It's interesting that this is a coastline ... I'm holding off on installing Orbx Vector and will wait for LM results from investigation. Cheers, Rob.
  6. Thanks for responding Mateusz. Renaming those three files to .OFF solved the issue: APX54100.off OBX54100.off cvx5410.off To be noted, I do NOT have Orbx Vector installed but cvx5410.bgl was present and enabled. Also, I don't know what you mean by "(only if using custom EFHK scenery)" ... I have the file APX54100.bgl installed and I'm using Orbx Global, I don't use any of the Orbx LC products, I have Orbx Global and all the Orbx TE products installed. Unlisted video with pauses gone and still extreme graphics settings: Cheers, Rob.
  7. If I have "All Roads" selected (40%) I don't see any road traffic at all in any TE product ... BUT, "All roads" works in Orbx Global product. If I switch to "Freeways Only" then I see road traffic in all TE products. Cheers, Rob.
  8. Here is what I see: Pauses, not just stutters. Cheers, Rob.
  9. Interesting, filename? UPDATE: are we talking about these files: helsinki_sat_A1.blg helsinki_sat_A2.blg helsinki_sat_A3blg helsinki_sat_B1.blg helsinki_sat_B2.blg helsinki_sat_B3.blg Cheers, Rob.
  10. Hi Nick, Thanks for the response. Sloped runways is just one aspect being supported (pull to ground support), PBR and Dynamic Lights is probably the more important aspect since both respond to lighting and provide for a better visual experience. The connect to increased MSFS sales is that more revenue and the ability to hire/contract more resources that aren't devoted entirely to MSFS. But if updating (not redeveloping) existing Orbx products to PBR and/or DL and/or sloped runways is not being done due to costs, hence my connect to using "some" of MSFS revenue stream to support P3D updates which is one of the platforms that helped sustain Orbx over the years so as to be able to get to the point of providing MSFS airports/scenery. Cheers, Rob.
  11. I don't mean to stir the pot as Orbx have been excellent with all your offerings and I appreciate the work your team(s) have done, very high quality work. I understand the business aspect, and I see Orbx is shifting somewhat to a Publishing company also ... but P3D kept Orbx viable for almost a decade and if MSFS sales are as good as some are claiming, it would be appreciated if you could allocate some resources to updating existing P3D products with PBR and/or dynamic lights and/or sloped runways. Cheers, Rob.
  12. Was working great yesterday, there was a Sydney cityscape update, installed, did some flights in P3D v5.3 HF1+ patch ... all good. Next morning I try to open OC and stuck at this message (see image) ... left it for about 30 minutes no change. Thoughts? Cheers, Rob.
  13. Hi Frank, I disabled: Sydney_Photo.bgl Sydney_Photo_lm.bgl That seemed to work well, looking much better:
  14. So what are the actual cityscape Sydney files ... I see FTX_AA_Sydney and FTX_AA_Sydney_B ... I have no option to moves these via the P3D UI. The Syndey Cityscape is defined in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 add-ons.cfg the FlyTamps YSSY is defined in C:\Users\Rob\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 add-ons.cfg. I'm using FlyTampa YSSY from FlyTampa purchase not via OC purchase. There is no option in FT YSSY config to select Orbx. This was working well with FT YSSY and Australia V2, only after adding Sydney Cityscape did I run into this problem. So currently I have no way to reconcile unless I manually edit both Add-Ons.cfg ... think I'll try the .OFF approach and see how that goes. Cheers, Rob.
  15. Did some more testing and it's NOT an Insertion Point issue. Also checked Australia V2 configuration settings and I have FlyTampa YSST Sydney Mode selected. Also checked CityScape Sydney configuration and FlyTampa YSSY Sydney Mode is enabled ... have 4k texture resolution On. The FlyTampa YSSY that I have installed came direct from FlyTampa lastest version, there is NO option in FlyTampa Sydney tab that specifies anything in regards to having Orbx Australia V2 or any other Orbx product installed. Cheers, Rob.
  16. I selected FT YSSY in the configuration. Probably a library insert point issue, but not sure what entries should be on top? Any hints? Cheers, Rob.
  17. West of EGLC I know P3D is on the back burner these days, but would love to see a update to fix the issue. Cheers, Rob.
  18. Hi Doug, Yeah, it's guess as far I think which thru me for a loop ... I'm still not sure exactly why it's working now so need to research a bit more as I don't understand why it went from a good "working state" to a not good "working state". Cheers, Rob.
  19. Looking good now. It's good to be back with GSX and FSLab and Orbx. Cheers, Rob.
  20. I was able to resolve this, by iterating thru Insert Points selecting each FlyTampa entry until resolved and they all correctly appear above Orbx. There doesn't appear to be any way determine "order" and the suggestion to select the lowest doesn't seem to work well. Cheers, Rob.
  21. Hi Doug, After installing FT EHAM V2, all looked and worked correctly with TE Netherlands, all good. I ran a verify files on US Libraries and then installed ChasePlane and some Immersion products. Loaded up P3D at EHAM and I got the default EHAM? I went to set the Insertion Point and as suggested used the lowest 3rd party scenery entry will was listed in the drop down as FlyTampa-Libraries (see attached images). Notice the FlyTampa-Libraries is on top but FlyTampa-Amsterdam and FlyTampa-Amsterdam_Terrain are still below Orbx NE entries? I can manually change the file but I fear the next time I add an Orbx product it will get reset back to being incorrect. Thoughts? Cheers, Rob.
  22. Unfortunately yes, clean full install and wipe all prior vestiges of P3D V5.x. AND whatever add-ons you re-install verify they work with P3D V5.3 via vendor. Not an optimal way to "update", but it will ultimately save you time in the long run and you'll have a properly working P3D V5.3. After that, you might want to "tweak" these settings in your Prepar3d.cfg: [JobScheduler] AffinityMask=65535 P3DCoreAffinityMask=65535 MainThreadScheduler=0 RenderThreadScheduler=2 FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=4 They will vary by CPU, GPU, and even OS settings and version, so it's a case of trial and error. Cheers, Rob.
  23. Hi Dave, I started with a clean slate (no prior V5.2 installed), new full install of P3D V5.3, no issues other than the download/uncompressed problems I had with FTX Central that Doug helped me resolve (corrupted files). I recommend a new clean install (wipe all prior P3D folders per my post above). If that's not an option for you, in FTX Central run "verify files" and make sure all are good, then do a Sync. Cheers, Rob.
  24. I haven't noticed the "grid" (aka waffle) clouds yet in this release, but this is just default weather, HiFi ASP is next on my install list. I don't recommend running Clouds at Ultra unless you have lots of FPS to spare. Cheers, Rob.
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