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Bilbao and Barcelona multiple black lines


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Yesterday I was flying from the Bilbao airport to the Barcelona city. There were numerous black lines starting from objects installed in the landscape, and some white lights in the sky over the harbour.  Have you heard of that problem before?



2020-4-9_20-6-52-570 copy.jpg

2020-4-9_20-7-15-649 copy.jpg

2020-4-9_20-8-4-741 copy.jpg

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17 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:

Hello  François,

please untick "Ground scenery shadows" in your Display settings.

As you can see, they do not work very well.

You will need to restart FSX to see the change.


It works. Nick, you're so quick, eventually you will send me an answer first and I will have to figure out the question that goes with it!



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