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NA Pacific Fjords install


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We are unable to find the receipt for NA Pacific Fjords, therefore unable to update.  Within Orbx Central I have an option to verify which obviously does not currently work, or uninstall.


My question, if I repurchase NA Pacific Fjords would I attempt an uninstall first, or forget uninstalling and just write over the existing installation.


Thank you.


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Thanks for your reply Doug.


This a DVD installation.  I would properly transfer the product but can't find the receipt for this one.  


The picture illustrates the installed product, but when pressing verify files it comes back with a you do not own this product.  So, verify does not work.


If I repurchase PFJ should I try to uninstall my PFJ first, or just install over the top.  Trying to avoid potential error.



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I don't think that you will gain anything, 1.50 is the latest version

and you already have it.

If you buy it again, that will give you the licence at Orbx Direct that is 

needed to access the update.

Verify files will then do it.

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