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Unable to install Orbx products

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Old Orbx customer and recently decided to retry when I saw some freeware that interested me namely openLC Mesh South America and PrecipitFX. I have P3Dv4.5 and I am using Orbx Central latest version to install and every  time I try to install options in the "My Products:" menu I get the red warning (see attached screenshot). I even get the error when I try to install the Libraries.

Here is my log file.


Thanks for your help.



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Please try the following from our user guide:


Could not download and save the manifest

The most common cause of this is some form of software on your computer that interferes with your network connection (such as a strict firewall or proxy server). The manifest files are served from our infrastructure provider Google, therefore anything that may be preventing a secure connection being made to Google can cause this error.


You can disable the strict network security requirements used by manifest downloading by performing the following:



  • Make sure Orbx Central is not running

  • Right-click on your Orbx Central shortcut and press ‘Properties’

  • In the ‘Target:’ box, add strict-ssl false


  • Press OK

  • Start Orbx Central by double-clicking on that shortcut


Note: You may need to press ‘Open File Location’ on the icon in order to find the actual shortcut.


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Mitchell thanks for your quick response however it did not work. I even put my anti virus on hold and tried it to no success. You should probably need to know that I cannot manually download anything, including the libraries, off your site except Orbx Central. Not sure where to go from here. Also I don't have the user guide.




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