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Buy and install sceneries with no internet connection?

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I run FSX from Windows 7 as I found it impossible to run from Windows 10 (and had lots of other issues, so gave up), obviously FTX Central is there too.


I cannot go on the internet from Windows 7 as it would be dangerous thanks to the lack of security patches since January 2020. For going on the internet I have Linux Mint on a separate partition on my C drive, but as far as I know it would not be possible to have FTX Central running from Linux. No, I don't have XPlane and having invested so much in FSX am not thinking of switching now.


Since there seems to be no option to buy scenery add-ons on DVD now, is there any way I can buy and install Orbx scenery add-ons either from Windows 7 but without going on the internet, or from the internet connection on my Linux account then transferring the downloaded data to the Win 7 partition to install through FTX Central?  Or does my set up mean I can no longer use Orbx at all?

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here are the answers to some of your questions.

1. the chances of your PC being infected while purchasing or downloading via Orbx Central are negligible.

2. there are thousands of FSX and FSX-SE users running FSX under Windows 10.

3. Orbx Central cannot download products without an internet connection.

4. Orbx does indeed run under Linux but manual downloads have been discontinued.

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