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problem with FL files


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I am newbie so I don't know much.  I got the program to run with FL Scenery no problem.  Then I started to add scenery.  Now I have a problem as follows.




This is what my scenery setup is.





What can I do???????


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Please read this topic and make sure you meet ALL the criteria especially the part about free disk space. TE Florida requires at least 200-250GB of free space to download and extract on the disk you download onto. If your disk for installation is different you also need at least 160+GB of free space. I have added a small percentage to the advertised space requirement because you will need at least 10-15% of your disk capacity to allow the disk to function as designed.






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No this one came after I got Florida downloaded and was running when I added Scenery that the same message came up. I tried a different airport got a different message. I no the drive has to have 200GB to download.  I have have over 500GB after I downloaded the Florida.  You really need to  reread my problem.  It had been downloaded and running with no problem. then I started to download other scenery and got the message that is why I put the my list of scenery thinking it would be something there.  You didn't read the whole message and jump at the Conclusion that it was a storage problem. If this is how you respond to the people who buy your product then it will be the last and I would like a refund.

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I think your response is unwarranted. Every attempt was made to assist in resolving your issue initially. 

You now need to attach your Orbx Central which you can get and save via Orbx Central by going to Help and choosing Open Log. Then save it and attach it.

Looking at your scenery layering your TE Florida should be below Global Airports, not where it is in your pic.

Once you attach your Central Log the Orbx Central team can take a look and see why having supposedly resolved your issue it appears to have returned, although you have enough disk space.

@Nick Cooper Please move this to the Orbx Central support forum as I cannot resolve this issue and it is something going astray when doing the installation.

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Hello JimboN,

the error message


Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 6.49.20 AM.png


is telling you that you have a missing image file.

Very likely, it is one of many and certainly it has nothing to do with any other scenery added by you.


The folder mentioned in the message is Orbx_C_US_Florida_TE_Orthos\textures.

This folder should contain only 10125 .dds and 3912 .png files, 14037 files in total.

There should be no .jpg files.

Please check and post your file count.


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