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PNG Airports: Planes vs Vehicles


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Hi All. I recently decided to try some more serious flying around Papua New Guinea, but found that some of the enhanced AY airports installed with AYPY Jackson's (Port Moresby) suffer from roads and vehicles invading the fields. In the case of AYCH Chimbu (Simbu) at Kundiawa in the Highlands, cars cross right through aircraft lined up for take-off, which is a little disturbing. Now I know that this issue has been looked at previously, but I've found nothing later than Nick Cooper's advice that he would ask for the matter to be checked out. That was in August, 1918.

My quick run through the 20 enhanced fields in the Jackson's installation suggests that the problem still afflicts AYCH Chimbu, AYVN Vanimo and AYTA Tari - perhaps others. So my question is: have the techs looked at this issue, and if so have any updates / fixes been released? If not, I understand that turning off roads in Vectors should help. But if this remains a problem which degrades the PNG flying experience, a permanent fix would be nice. By the way, there's no problem with the stand-alone fields at Tapini and Emo - lots of fun.

My apologies if I have missed something further on this issue.

Thanks & best wishes from Ismacmatic, AU.

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Hi Andrew, and thanks for your illuminating thoughts and illustrations. I think you must be on the right track; I recall at least one similar (much older) comment on the AYCH problem. And boy, you're right about the Vanimo layout; looking at the real world image puts me in mind of the final approach to - what is it - Sint Maarten / Princess Juliana? Sorry, I didn't check the spelling. But I guess that at least Vanimo doesn't have A330s and 744s landing over the heads of beachgoers. Anyway, I'll study the situation with your astute observations in mind, and get back here if anything useful comes to mind. But from what you say, my guess is that end users can't do anything much about it. Yet these problems are, as you say, well worth adjusting!

I do appreciate your checking this out.

All the best, Andrew.

Ian / ismacmatic


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Not a problem @ismacmatic Yeah Vanimo does have that look to it :)


You know what though, I suspect why this hasn't been fixed in the past comes down to the issue potentially affecting many ORBX Global enhancement airports... If they justified fixing these, it could open the door to having to fix many others!


The know how to fix the placement is way beyond me unfortunately. It really does need fixing though, cars/roads encroaching on airports isn't a great look and turning roads or cars off isn't ideal.  


@Nick Cooper

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Hi Nick. Thanks for your thoughts - and I'm sorry, but I missed seeing your message yesterday (AU time). I'm sure that Ken Hall and Tim Harris (et al) could get this fixed  - and even other fields, if Andrew is close to the money in his observations. I'm limited by my meagre understanding of sim airport design, but the little experience I have (with Scruffy Duck's ADE - thanks, Jon) suggests that it wouldn't be a huge drama. For instance, Andrew's illustrations for AYVN Vanimo indicate that a big improvement could result from just repositioning the airport - it's way off. Then again, I don't know by what means, or with which software, Orbx professionals work, and what pitfalls or limitations exist.


Mind you, if this is any way a problem more widespread in the Orbx geography, then it really needs to be dealt with. 


Thanks again, Nick and Andrew, and kind regards to all readers.


Ian, ismacmatic, YMUR near YBCG.  

(i7 PC, W10, Orbx AU, NA, EU, Global etc. & many airports, all regions)

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Hello Ismacmatic, and Andrew, and thanks for tagging me Nick

When AYPY Jacksons INTL (PNG experience #1) was created Vector was a very new product in the Orbx range, and in PNG it (Vector) radically changed some coastlines and added many roads that simply did not exist in the default MS world. Vector also went through quite a few changes over time in PNG as I pressed the developers to add more of the intricate river system.

Adjusting our airports to fit Vector would have meant some of them ended up in the ocean when used in default, so we went with what worked sufficiently with both in regards to the enhanced regional airports. Moving airports and the many little objects placed around them is no easy task, and honestly I'm not a fan of having multiple versions of files for many different scenarios as it causes a lot of extra work


In hindsight I think it would probably would have been better to not include these airports into the product and release as 'extras', same as the Western Samoa vector/landclass-based part of the Samoan Experience in NSTU Pago Pago INTL, certainly some lesson learned on my part on product complexities and not over-reaching!

What I can do is look into re-routing some of the roads to better fit the airports in PNG when used with Vector

Kind regards,


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Thankyou for the insight @Tim Harris


Rerouting sounds like a reasonably fair compromise... By "Default" do you mean Global, minus vector? It's just a shame since the accuracy of what Vector has done is really spot on from what I can see!


It goes from car and road issue, to airport placement issue :(


Can't get too caught up though :)


Thanks for all the work you do!  

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Hi Tim, Andrew, Nick & anyone else interested. Many thanks to all three of you for your interest in this problem, and for having collectively given me the necessary understanding, and I'm sorry it's taken me a week to get back here.

Tim, I think I see why it's a curly issue, and I accept that there's no neat solution for all. Any improvements at all would be welcome, but as Andrew says, you can't 'get too caught up though.'

I wonder, still, how many people would be affected by any incompatibilities with  FSX default PNG scenery; after all, having at least the Global Base (and Holger's PNG mesh) is a prerequisite for installing AYPY and the added fields. I guess that the great majority of AYPY buyers would be using Vector as well, and if so, any revisions made to suit the current iteration of Vector would help many more PNG fliers than would be disadvantaged. Nevertheless, I certainly don't want to cause problems for any other users. 


So let's leave it at that, and if anyone at Orbx is able to put any 'all-user' improvements into effect, great. If not, it's a matter of living with minor annoyances only - not an FS calamity.


Thanks again to all, and kind regards from Ian / ismacmatic

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