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Sync Simulator problem


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Prepar3d v4

Windows 10


I did trying to fix issue when some buildings had black sided  textures and other problems.

First time when see this error.

After verifying Orbx Libraries.


Before message I did Install some new Orbx -sceneries, verifying them and did try to "sync".


(Little bit slow in English - my language is Siberian related... Also did not find old discussions about this specific issue. Maybe there are - please don't lynch me if there already is)



error sync orbx.JPG

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Hey, I just got it work by my self!


There was some other new sceneries, that I, just resently, bought that was somehow wrongly loaded to scenery files.

I deleted them and now Sync in OK.

And Orbx sceneries are as beautiful as they should be!


I must check why those did not upload well...


Good new year 2020 to all!

From Helsinki, Finland

- Eero

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