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The SF-Oakland Bay Bridge has major defects.  If it happen to be a Laminar default bridge (I disabled all my Bay Area add-ons), then you should have created a custom one.


The towers look nothing like this



where is the tunnel?




the east bay end of the bridge does not look like this




Someone has already reported that Alcatraz does not look right.  It is very disappointing to see that the one iconing place in NoCal, the Bay Area, is so lacking.


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I too was disappointed by the bay bridge as its so iconic, having the Mr X scenery for SF I thought his bridge looked much better and was thinking if I could swap the model for his one, also no traffic on the bridges is a big let down, overall happy with the scenery pack but flying low in a helicopter is spoilt by these oversights.

I think no traffic on famous bridges may be an ORBX problem as there is no traffic on the QE2 bridge in True Earth UK south which is my area which again was a dissapointment

Oh well

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