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ORBX Central Pausing

Lord Nibbo

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I've Been trying to reinstall TrueEarth Great Britain South but every time I get to the install page it comes up with "Paused" see pic.  I've tried other sceneries to download and they download OK as long as I take TrueEarth Great Britain out of the que.   I cannot find a central.log in the path suggested, infact I cannot find an Orbx folder in that location.





Operating system:   Windows 10 

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5


Issue:  Central goes into "paused"   when trying to install TrueEarth Great Britain South. It will not unpause.



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Central v4.0.24 and later work fine with Lorby's tool.


Excerpt from the Central User Guide:


Third-party addon organizers (e.g P4AO)
Previous versions of Orbx Central conflicted heavily with the use of these types of tools, however 4.0.24 and onwards do work correctly with these tools. This requires that the ‘Legacy Layering’ checkbox in Orbx Central settings under Insertion Point is disabled.


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