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Default Scenery Still Showing


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I've got a bad feeling that I made a stupid mistake here but bear with me. I have followed all instructions and installed Orbx Libraries and the Iceland Demo, but the FSX default scenery still shows up with no sign of the addons.


I do not use any other scenery mods except for the Iceland demo and these addons have been enabled in the scenery library as well. 


I don't feel the need to attach my computer specifications or a screenshot, because I've already described the problem.

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Well, I take off from Reykjavik and it's pretty obvious that the scenery is still the default scenery. Buildings look horrendous, clouds look like they come out of a cartoon show, all the textures come straight out of the default scenery. I compared my takeoff with a youtube video of someone else's takeoff from the same runway and I am very sure that no new scenery has been loaded.

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A picture in this case will definitely help diagnose your issue.  Some sort of external view pan of the Airport and surrounds, and an overhead view will work.


Of course this issue might be related to Folder Admin permissions or the scenery entries not being written to the Scenery.cfg in  C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX or FSX:SE if that is your sim.
Perhaps also attach your Scenery.cfg to your next reply from the above location.

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I can't see default Reykjavik in your pictures. It looks like BIRK in the Iceland Demo (Winter).
Below are 2 pictures from my FSX sim, as you may see they are much the same as yours, I have no issues with Iceland. Perhaps my Autogen is set higher (ie; more trees and buildings), and Graphics settings also,  my detail1.bmp (Global Ground Texture BumpMap) is different (Coarse), runway light scalar's are also in effect.  But essentially the Airfield scenery and Iceland textures (Winter in this case, hence ice on runway) appear the same or similar to yours. The airfield buildings autogen buildings (and trees) around Reykjavik also seem to be in keeping with the Iceland Demo product. Perhaps @Nick Cooper can confirm these observations.

As for the clouds, being somewhat strangely stretched upward, plentiful and small,  this too is normal for latitudes closer to the poles, particularly the north. The further north you go the worse the effect will be, it is an inherent issue with FSX/P3D.


EDIT: If you believe these entries are not being written to the Active Scenery.cfg, can you provide/attach  your Scenery.cfg file please.
It is located in
Also can you confirm that you have full Administrator permissions for your FSX installation Folders, not just that you are logged on as in the Admin Login account. Also, did you install FSX into the default OS Protected folder location ProgramFiles (x86) or into another drive or location outside of the protected folder location.





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It is always difficult to properly compare Winter snow texturing with any degree of certainty. Particularly as Iceland daylight is always darker than areas more to the south.
Attached are 4 pictures with co-ordinates top left. "Spring" Season (Day - 13:20pm local time), if you load up Reykjavik BIRK and then in your GPS/map move the aircraft or enter the co-ordinates to the match  my own, (which are across the bay) try to match the view in my pictures, for comparison.
Plenty of PhotoReal landclass texture in my pics, it should look very much the same in yours if everything is working properly. There maybe some slight difference in quality depending on your setup. Don't expect to see a great deal of Autogen vegetation in Iceland it is mainly groundcover and rocks & snow. Hence the high quality PR textures.


If you see different can you post those pics please. Double click and zoom for larger images











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18 minutes ago, twkptps1@gmail.com said:

If I change it to summer it might look much better. How do I do that?




I am getting a sense that you are quite new to FSX, if you need to change the season or time of your flight's there are two possibilities.


1.)  From the FreeFlight screen before you load a flight, (the one with the rotating aircraft) option button "4" select "Change", a new panel will appear, choose the time of day with the clock or by selecting Dawn Day Dusk or Night then manually adjust the time if you need a more precise TOD, likewise the Season can be selected Winter Spring Summer Fall, or more precisely by date on the calendar. When you are done click "OK" to set.

01.jpg 02.jpg


2.) The same panel can be found once the flight has been loaded, simply select from the FSX menu banner (Press "Alt" ) to make the menu appear if its not showing in Fullscreen or window.  Then select World > Time and Season, then make your selections as above from the following panel, Click "OK" as above, your scenery will reload with the changes you made.


03.jpg 04.jpg

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