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Central Manual Install Issue


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Operating system:  Win 10

Simulator:  P3D V4.5

Screenshot:  attached

Issue:  Error: This Product cannot be installed anywhere


I did a manual install of libraries yesterday and today uninstalled NZNI through Central 4.0.23 and attempted to reinstall again.

This message popped up so I downloaded and tried manual install with same result?



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NZNI requires Orbx ObjectFlow which needs to be installed into a Orbx Central library.

  • In Orbx Central go to Settings, Libraries
  • Press 'Create a new library'
  • Select a location on your computer
    •  For example, you can create a folder in Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons called Orbx Library
  • Press Save
  • Try to Install NZNI again
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