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No automatic Scenery Activation

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Using Orbx Central and choosing the option to instal into the main P3D folder i notice that none of the ORBX addons are actually added automatically, is this a bug or a feature, if a new feature would be nice to get a step by step info on what folders to activate and in what sequence.. if i choose the new Library option Central messes up P3D.



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There are no other steps required when installing into the sim root folder.....other than....


You will need to go to settings/Libraries and create a new Library in a location of your choosing, this is required for the installation of ObjectFlow, then it will be installed and use 7mb of space in that new folder, and everything will then work properly. You do not need to use this folder for anything else, Orbx Central will then give you the choice to install your products to that folder or to the root simulator folder.


Also, Ensure the Orbx Libs are installed and up to date.

I would then go to settings/help and run the Sync Simulator function first.

 Then you can go to settings/Insertion Point and set them like this.

Ensure all of your 3rd party non Orbx addons are at the top of your scenery library and above your FTX entries.

Then in Orbx Central Insertion points "Orbx Airports and Regions”, put your last non Orbx 3rd party listed in your scenery library addon in the INSERTED BELOW window.

Then for the "Orbx Global openLC” ensure the Orbx Airports and Regions are in the INSERTED BELOW window.

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No, i am afraid you missed the point is was trying to make.. which was that if i choose NOT to go down the new Library path but rather install into the main root folder of P3D nothing got activated...

Anyway i changed track and reinstalled all using the new Library option, but notice that the various packages (and i have MOST of what ORBX has released over the years) are spread out all over the place. do i still need to synch and set insertion points??


Plus i have the following issues with Central


1. AU Australia 2.. big warning message in red, states not possible to install package unless Mesh of Australia is removed.. however it seems o have installed just fine, a bug?

2. Lights. package not longer available to download as now apparently part of BASE and to be found within the CONFIG option of Base.. there is no such CONFIG Option !! ??

3. Melbourne V2.. sorry im still on 2 and dont need 3.. cannot be downloaded or installed from within Central.. how do i get it??????

4. ORBX AI traffic package results in P3D listing each and every AI Aircraft as a double entry and I need to press Close or Skip some 10.000 times.....


Pls advise


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1. if you have managed to install AU Australia v2  with Holgermesh still in place, you will see anomalies.

2. try verify files for Global Base, this seems to work for other customers.

3. I don't know why that would be. You could probably install it with FTX Central.

4. please delete all the Orbx AI aircraft from your Simulator root folder\SimObjects\Airplanes folder.

A search of that folder for FTX will select them for you.

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2 hours ago, PeterNielsen said:

which was that if i choose NOT to go down the new Library path but rather install into the main root folder of P3D nothing got activated...


I did not advise you to go down the library path, I only pointed out that you will need to create at least one library so Orbx Central can install ObjectFlow.

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