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ORBX Central cannot be opened because Apple can't check it


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I have just installed the latest version fo ORBX Central but I get this message when trying to open ORBX Central 4.0.23 "Orbx central can't be opened because apple cannot check it for Malicious software.

This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information


I am running MacOS 10.15

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If it helps, the above worked, but here is it all in one if this helps?  I just got through this today.  Mac M1 running BigSur OS btw - fresh install of Central from scratch


  1. Install Central
  2. Open System Preferences on Mac
  3. Security & Privacy
  4. General tab
  5. Undo the padlock by clicking it and entering Mac admin password
  6. Start Central
  7. Mac will grumble it cannot open it contact the developer etc
  8. Continue
  9. Look at system prefs window and it'll be asking you permission to start central anyway.  Grant that permission.
  10. Another Mac grumble window appears
  11. Open
  12. Try and download Orbx Libraries
  13. If Central grumbles that it has a communication issue:
  14. Close Central
  15. Back to System Preferences on Mac
  16. Privacy
  17. Full Disk Access
  18. +
  19. Applications -> Central
  20. OK
  21. Try central again
  22. If does not work, restart Mac
  23. That all worked for me!
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