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BUG REPORT - Trees in Center Pivots

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Here's the scenery.ini.   I left in WA TE overlay,   Orbx Lib, and WA TE Custom and my orthos.   I think I disabled most of x-plane stuff using x-organizer.   Coordinates can be seen in the  upper left corner of the screen shots.  Start from M50  Boardman OR   go up in air,  turn south till you can see the smoke stack in the distance.   Including a another screen shot with coordinates.   BTW,  I found M50 all screwed up so I revised it substantially and submitted the new M50 to the gateway.   If you encounter a smaller airport that needs help,   let me know and I'll fix and upload a new, hopefully improved version.  I've submitted over 200 mostly airports here in the Pacific NW.   


BTW greatly enjoy all your Orbx TE products.  I have GB N C and S  as well as OR and WA.   Will purchase any other TE product when available.  Thanks for your hard work.




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It's not intentional but it's a by-product of my method of detecting vegetation and these crop-circles are quite troublesome. Where the data are weak it can cause issues like this, and generally we've been cleaning these up by hand or tweaking the source data, and this is just an area we missed. It also evidently seems to have caused a problem with buildings as well.


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