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When it all goes t*ts up!


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Morning all,


Updated P3D to the latest Hotfix 2 last night, back into the sim afterwards and the whole thing is buggered up.


  • I have tried the re-sync option in ORBX Central
  • Verified ORBX Global files
  • Checked P3D scenery library list


I cant work out what is causing the scenery to display like this. Can anyone suggest what needs to be done?


I was left this file on my desktop too?migration_missing.txt




Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  P3D 4.X

Screenshot:  Added above

Issue:  Displaying massively wrong everywhere


central log.txt


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Hi Nick,


Spent most the afternoon trying to work out what the hell happened, i worked out the fix in the end and it seems like the Libraries somehow became corrupted so its all fine from what i can tell.









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