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Central error: A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action


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Still issues here, it doesn't work at all.

I bought Oregon last tuesday (order receipt 5d9b868e709db).

Deinstalled FTX Central which had always worked for me.

Installed Orbx Central and now nothing works since whatever I try I get the communication error...  (error remains even when AV and Firewall are shut down)


Tried several more attempts to no avail over the last two days... always same error.

So downloaded the file manual for Oregon HD and now trying to install from that file gives the same error in Central.

Then a popup came that Central would update 2 products... again interrupted by same error


Attached central.log.


System: Win7 PRO 64 bit, 32Gb, 1Tb XP11 SSD + 6Tb data HDD

My internet line is an 300 Mbps line without any issues for connection in whatever other software or games I run.



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Guest Josh Koz

Hi @TCA2050


The error in your central.log file indicates missing system requirements. Can you ensure you meet all the system requirements outlined in the Central user guide?



We're making some changes in an upcoming update to make it improve the log output to detail exactly what this error is as well as automatically install the the system requirements.

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