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Orbx Central Error


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Hi there,


I have recently reset my PC, and now i have the fun job of re installing all of my sim. Currently i am having trouble with Orbx Central, where when i click install Orbx Australia V2, it prompts me to install Orbx Librarys and for some reason is then says,  “ERROR: A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action”. 

Please Help, as i'm wanting to be flying already.





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Hello. I had all sorts of drama's with the following statement: “ERROR: A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action”.


I initially thought it was ORBX Central causing the problem, but for me this was not the case.


The following is what I did to resolve the above error statement (using Windows 7):

1) I completely uninstalled the FTX Central program (it had been previously installed)

2) I completely uninstalled the ORBX Central program (it also had been installed)

3) In the start menu of Windows 7 I Typed: Windows Update and clicked on the icon that appears on the Menu bar.

4) I then searched for new Windows 7 updates.

5) When the search had completed I selected & installed the Optional Windows 7 Updates.

6) I then reinstalled ORBX Central


Since I completed the steps above ORBX Central has been working just fine and has installed all my addons from ORBX without any further issues.


I can only assume from my experience that there must have been something in one of the Microsoft Windows 7 Optional Updates that is required to work with ORBX Central?


I hope this may help anyone else with the same error message as it took me a good few days to rectify the problem.



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